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2/6/2012Ayatollah NexusTrolla. moron
2/6/2012Epic Failure
2/5/2012Telling truth
2/4/2012Bad Karma Saturday
2/4/2012Keep them comin' Dunc! - RoXY
2/4/2012Dicklessuseditor of Dicklessusfagazine
2/3/2012Thx! and i will return the favor...~ e1
2/3/2012Well deserved! Yellow
2/3/2012F u
2/3/2012For giving an arse like me positive karma.... yes I did need it :)
2/2/2012Cause YOU deserve it Duncan
2/2/2012Good karma for my buddy! ~Daikirai
1/29/2012Back at you duncan..tauranga.( Do you check out my threads?)
1/28/2012Great info on thorium thank you -CultivatingMass
1/27/2012Good post-Morning Glory
1/26/2012Happy New Day!!! - RoXY
1/26/2012Aussie day green - rickster58
1/26/2012For all of your work CP
1/25/2012So do you! ;) ~Daikirai
1/19/2012Like the way u think. Madame X
1/19/2012Good comment
1/17/2012For your Non Professionalism. My associates and I will not be subscribing to your magazine
1/16/2012Good info
1/15/2012Thanks duncan..tauranga
1/15/2012Thanks for the P.O.V. of complacent mass behavior which indicates a lack of moral compass. a student of Protean thought
1/14/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
1/13/2012Buddy karma for you! ^_^ ~Daikirai
1/12/2012Someone who gets it right
1/12/2012Thanx Duncan! Still gojng strong? Bet you are! - RoXY
1/12/2012Just revisited your oct 2010 thread "Humanity's claim to Earth being challenged?" still a good one. morgan
1/11/2012I fart in your face.
1/11/2012Your Mother goes down for Egytians.
1/11/2012For standing up for the whales :)
1/10/2012Biggest liar on GLP
1/10/2012Putting tepco shill in his place ar15-nut
1/9/2012Nice one! Good posts on whale thread! Zero Point.
1/5/2012Liar, Idiot, American Hating Commie
1/5/2012Happy New Year, Duncan!! - RoXY
1/5/2012For farmers markets..tauranga
1/4/2012Well rounded idiot
1/3/2012Happy New Year Blue Skies
1/1/2012HAPPY NEW YEAR!! xo NIN
12/31/2011Happy new year m8 ;)
12/28/2011Biggest liar on GLP
12/20/2011Full of shit
12/20/2011For being a voice of reason and exposing one more fraudulent "medical expert." -- Wonkish
12/17/20111 for you! ~Daikirai
12/16/2011American Hating Commie
12/12/2011Cry baby Cry
12/10/2011Love Blue Skies
12/5/2011Weekly Green - RoXY
12/2/2011Thanks for the magazine
11/27/2011You deserve some green, Dunc - RoXY
11/19/2011Thanx for the bump! Interesting video, innit? - RoXY
11/11/2011Reported Abusive Post
11/8/2011Green from RoXY
11/3/2011Thanks mate! My subscription just ran out, I'll be getting another year soon. Keep up the good work. Zero Point.
10/31/2011Massive muzzy crybaby, constantly complaining like a little girl, always teling others how to think like a muzzy.
10/29/2011Reported Abusive Post
10/24/2011Karma 4 U - RoXY
10/23/2011Strangely, I am banned and yet I can still give out karma. Have some random green on me. Mr Snafu :-)
10/20/2011One of the most interesting and informative GLPers - thanks for all the great threads! :) ~GG
10/17/2011For bringing thought provoking threads to the Public! 23
10/17/2011Imam nexus the muzzie lover
10/16/2011Keep 'm comin' Dunc - RoXY
10/15/2011Karma hugs - NIN
10/12/2011For SA/Iran thread
10/12/2011Thanks for linking to that thread
10/12/2011Saudi arabia
10/12/2011Saudi Arabia thread
10/12/2011Heheheh. my motherinlaw picked my dope when i told her they were tomatoes....
10/11/2011Thanks for the support my friend
10/10/2011You bring up good points on relions and proganda people face.
10/10/2011Thank you. :) ~Sandi
10/9/2011Always trustworthy! I believe in you as a great human being! :)
10/8/2011L&R - RoXY
10/6/2011Awesome reply on that hate filled thread-Anony
10/1/2011Karma Currency Swap - Psych
9/30/2011Nice reply!
9/29/2011Random act of karma nexuseditor!!!!
9/29/2011Nwo Luciferian Shill Liar And Deceiver
9/29/2011Everything you post is a lie
9/28/2011Good points
9/28/2011Dont be scared of needles
9/28/2011Another shill :
9/27/2011Holy shit dude! karma for you indeed, thanks for all you do! -kettlnaut
9/27/2011Keep up the good work "Kael"
9/27/2011No comment...
9/27/2011Good Libya coverage :D
9/27/2011Nice threads
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