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8/24/2011Truth Monger!
8/24/2011Great Al Jazeera post!
8/24/2011The Al Jazeera Tripoli Hoax is really a hit, thanks!!!
8/23/2011Coz you rock duncan!!
8/23/2011Al jazeera busted post. thx! -LunatucFringe
8/23/2011Damn good post
8/23/2011Lies, all fabricated for his own agenda
8/23/2011Bull shit....lies
8/23/2011Good find -GTUSS
8/23/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
8/23/2011Xlnt thread !--From RememberThis
8/22/2011Good thread
8/22/2011Nexus... excellent Karma...
8/22/2011Good threads
8/22/2011ONE OF GLP's BEST POSTERS!!! ~ LoVeLiGHT420
8/22/2011Great post about Libya...
8/22/2011Posse of phoney sycophant puppets gets you bad karma for fraud.
8/22/2011Excellent and informative post.
8/22/2011Good stuff
8/22/20111 Good Post - SheBear
8/22/2011Nexus rocks. Been keeping me informed for years. Snafu
8/22/2011For the great mag! been reading for 16 years or so Zero Point.
8/22/2011For the People of Lybia! - dettol
8/22/2011Nexus needs more karma than you got dude, try grassing some people up for copyright fraud.
8/22/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
8/22/2011BRILLIANT! Enough Said...
8/22/2011Fraud, Shill Of The Century
8/21/2011Just awesome find excused.
8/21/2011For spreading truth, that NATO are terrorists
8/21/2011The Truth
8/21/2011Thanks for those Libya facts. Thought it was a dictatorship, gonna spread the word!
8/19/2011You stone cold make stuff up and pay other people to do it as well
8/19/2011David Adair interview
8/19/2011Should give you bad Karma cause I asked for a job back when you were first publishing GRIN
8/18/2011Great guy good threads and posts
8/18/2011Exceptionally interesting threads and posts. i like that. tinygreen
8/17/2011Something is very wrong with this man
8/16/2011Incredible posts
8/15/2011Excellent knowledge!
8/15/2011For boldness!
8/14/2011For provoking persistant pursuit of the truth.
8/13/2011Because :)
8/12/2011Calling people ignorant
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