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calin's Karma

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1/29/2012Why all the PASSION for Ron Paul ~~ Excellent video. +1 from 11.11.11 PEACE!
1/28/2012Saw you were on, so I'm sending some love!
1/28/2012Good person
1/27/2012I agree
1/27/2012Thank you for spreading the message of freedom
1/27/2012Good find on the "Jacked Welcher" video ! ~Torchbearer
1/27/2012There is no way to peace ... peace is the way =^..^= Girl Genius
1/26/2012For being a Great American and True Patriot- Joe Boxer
1/25/2012Awesome Stewart video ~ TS66
1/24/2012For the Stossel video. -Hitokiri
1/24/2012Thanks for all the Ron Paul Stuff !!!- -BlackLight
1/24/2012Good Vid.
1/24/2012Fix is in video. TacticalEdge
1/24/2012Thank you - toadmaster
1/23/2012Youre f'n awesome
1/23/2012You crossed my mind~einsteinsfly
1/23/2012For the Newt charicatures of the future. Faith
1/22/2012Go Ron Paul ! Wing-ed Karma
1/21/2012Thank you for posting this.
1/20/2012Great vid on Soul! Hugs to your free soul:-)
1/20/2012Excellent find on Mr Rogers
1/18/2012Ron paul is right
1/18/2012Keep fighting the good cause, EB.
1/18/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
1/18/2012Rp ftw
1/18/2012Here is some more green for you...chas
1/18/2012V :)
1/17/2012I've heard its remored apples don't fall far from trees.
1/17/2012Thanks NUTRAMAC
1/17/2012Ron Paul 2012
1/16/2012The Truth.
1/16/2012For the RP and IMF thread...great debate going on! Thinkingoutsidetherho​mbus
1/16/2012For sharing good/creepy information (one currency and stuff)
1/16/2012Good catch on the one currency plan ****Butterfly girl
1/15/2012Ron paul vs imf
1/15/2012Thanks for posting the Ron Paul one currency plan!!!!
1/15/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
1/15/2012RP thread. Good stuff. -Rev
1/15/2012Calin,...I think we be kindred!! Here's to ya ~~~~Z
1/14/2012For sharining your love and light, Namaste
1/14/2012We're Winning! =^..^= Girl Genius :)
1/14/2012Keep doing what you do. Peace & Love
1/14/2012RON PAUL IS OUR MAN...IF HE CAN'T DO IT...NOBODY CAN! ~Torchbearer
1/14/2012For The Vets4RonPaul Thread- -BlackLight
1/14/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
1/14/2012Keep Up the Fight !! Ron Paul 2012, BlooyEgg !!
1/13/2012Good post
1/13/2012Keeping it real with Ron Paul! cj33z
1/13/2012From conan the librarian
1/12/2012Ron Paul for President ! = Wing-ed
1/12/2012Niceeeee ron paul 2012 -cremefraiche
1/12/2012Excellent post!
1/11/2012Ron Paul 2012! -LG ;)
1/11/2012Because Ron PAul is the only one and I will write him in
1/11/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
1/11/2012I love what you've done with this place!
1/10/2012Thanks for posting....Chas...
1/9/2012Thanks for calibrating my level
1/7/2012Awesome collection
1/4/2012Since I cant vote karma to the thread, I can vote it to you :o) - Michael
1/3/2012You da man, Calin. -Rev
1/3/2012Happy New Year, MONSTER
1/1/2012Thanks alexisj9
12/30/2011Hugs from xen!
12/21/2011Thanks for adding your valuable input to my RP thread! ~GG
12/20/2011Ron Paul for Prez !!! RebeccaLove
12/6/2011Calin is the best! many hugs <3 <3 <3
12/4/2011Karm for vaper blood work sharing!
12/3/2011Reported Copyright Violation
11/30/2011Good Vibes, MONSTER
11/23/2011Special person spreading healing and consciousness
11/23/2011Consciousness Level Testing/Raising, Energy Healing, and Beyond. < Great Thread > and for the calibration. Peace be with You(~).
11/22/2011For all your dedicated efforts to serving the greater good! :-)
11/20/2011I find the thread Consciousness Level Testing/Raising, Energy Healing, and Beyond. interresting and helpfull
11/18/2011Happy Thanksgiving, MONSTER
11/16/2011He is good
11/11/2011For your humility, your honesty and your service :)
11/6/2011Good thread
11/6/2011Try to stay on first page!
11/6/2011For your equanimity.
10/25/2011With love. ~Danasa
10/23/2011Ron Paul on Meet the Press
10/23/2011Ron Paul thanks ! Wing-ed
10/23/2011Great RP video!-Evan03
10/22/2011For being helpful to others & maintaining the conscious level thread. ~ Itz A DreaM
10/22/2011No harm and still welcome your comments - Silent Wind
10/20/2011Unconditional love
10/18/2011With Love.
10/16/2011You give your time to the helping of others
10/15/2011For keeping the dinar thread afloat lol - Generation Doom
10/14/2011Thanks for the great LOC thread! :)
10/12/2011For sharing your love, energy, insight, and presence with us all! :-)
10/12/2011Thanks for the Karma point! Here's Karma back to you, Calin!
10/10/2011How about a karma swap?....Being Mindful
10/9/2011With love.
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