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thehitchhiker's Karma

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10/17/2013Hey brother man, great talks, and thanks a lot for the info!! PB
6/1/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
2/19/2012You're welcome-AtomicBetty
12/19/2011Reported Abusive Post
12/19/2011Keep up the good work providing loopholes for us when the net get's locked down, have a great Christmas. ayr phorce yuan.
12/19/2011Thanks hitch! here's some green for you too. thanks!! :-) --hoopity
12/19/2011Thanks for the embed man... CP
12/13/2011Pretty doggy! <3 Only Me
11/19/2011So how'r tings up dere on da UP eh - Vision Thing
10/14/2011Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
10/8/2011On the front lines at the freakshow. - LunaticFringe
10/7/2011Love the pic of the status board-inptx
10/7/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
9/27/2011Good repaid with good. =D
9/27/2011Good karma for you....Being Mindful
9/24/2011Extraordinary kindess
9/22/2011Kitteh bread-head
9/20/2011Your dog is cute but not as cute as my dog! xxx
9/17/2011No, I didn't get an upgrade, but I can still give you a Karma point just because you are a good dude for giving them !
9/17/2011Curious Observer wants to thank you for free up grade!
9/17/2011Cause that rules! You're very nice. :)
9/16/2011FOR BEIN NICE TO PEOPLE! PEACE from Evilmoney
9/16/2011Anytime Friend!!
9/16/2011Generous heart !!!
9/16/2011Even though I didn't get upgraded, I'm giving you karma for spreading positive vibes!! --IamSawyer
9/16/2011Good Karma for his giving heart !
9/16/2011Very nice of you to help others
9/16/2011Awesome thing you did....makes me smile to think there is still some greatness among us. (Scarbedazzles)
9/16/2011Cool acts of random kindness
9/16/2011Extremely generous today
9/16/2011Sending love to the loving ~Aphrodite~
9/16/2011Random acts of kindness!
9/16/2011For the kindness
9/16/2011For the fuck of it
9/16/2011Free upgrades
9/16/2011Nice Guy To Do What You Are Doing
9/16/2011Good karma begets a karma from me-Nyte
9/16/2011Beautiful soul
9/16/2011Giving all those people free upgrades is cool!!!
9/16/2011For upgrading people,greetings from Gregory House
9/16/2011Good job at the upgrades
9/16/2011For the cheese!
9/16/2011Because of his good deeds.
9/16/2011Right on! I do the same with homeless myself..once the money leaves my hands, it's not mine anymore, but theirs to do with what they see fit.
9/16/2011Random act of kindness
9/16/2011You Are an Awesome Person
9/16/2011For the kind free upgrades although i was too late
9/16/2011Wow nice guy :) It is a rare thing shame they outed you MK
9/16/2011Humanitarian :)- MP
9/16/2011The Man
9/16/2011Showing kindness to others, sharing
9/16/2011Creating a reminder that there really is still a lot of good people out there!
9/16/2011You deserve good Karma for upgrading strangers. `Talamascaa
9/16/2011Nice gesture dude greggin5d
9/16/2011For being generous-oh_yikes
9/16/2011Very thoughtful of you.
9/16/2011Just for being the person he is
9/16/2011You're a good cheese
9/16/2011Good deeds
9/16/2011It was very nice of you to help others. I am sure you feel good for it!
9/16/2011Didnt get an upgrade but u are one cool cat...lost_one
9/16/2011I believe your actions to upgrade accounts is selfless and the reason why we are all here in the first place. To learn selflessness. Outstanding!
9/16/2011For being nice and NOT being a copyright violation whore to get your karma :
9/16/2011For having a kind heart to strangers
9/16/2011For being kind to others.
9/16/2011Good Man
9/16/2011Giving out free account upgrades
9/16/2011For loving dogs ,mans best love, kiss that cold black wet nose for me, MONSTER
9/16/2011For such a generous nature !!!
9/16/20111 For you
9/16/2011For being so generous to ppl, and if it was you that upgraded me - THANK YOU!!!!
9/16/2011Special kind of person . :)
9/16/2011For upgrading people- Sleeping Giant
9/16/2011Hey Bro ,,, you did a real cool thing from what I heard. I am trying to gather enough "K" to give someone a month,,,But here is some back at ya man,, NICE JOB !!,,,hitndahedfred
9/16/2011I've not had the money recently to upgrade, thank you so much. I'll put my upgrade to good use, i promise.
9/16/2011Kool bro karma from force king
9/16/2011For being awesomeness in human form and for paying it forward in random acts of kindness
9/16/2011Amazing offer. We need more of this in the world. well done THH.
9/16/2011A good fellow. - Fuhrer D
9/16/2011It helps to give
9/16/2011For all of your nice upgrades..Doggmeat211​2
9/16/2011For the cheese upgrades
9/16/2011I didn't get the free cheese, but I love the generosity! Cajun111
9/16/2011He Upgrades my acount .. o0, so nice from him
9/16/2011For being a nice guy ~TheBroker~
9/16/2011For compaction lol -Half-Ass
9/16/2011Being nice :)
9/16/2011Thanks for the Upgrade :-)
9/16/2011Thanks and much K
9/16/2011For being kind and generous!
9/16/2011Rare generosity! :)
9/16/2011I'm not sure if it was you but thanks for the upgrade if it was. pos Karma for you. Rev Mikey13
9/16/2011For the 5 Free Accounts you gave away. That was very sweet.
9/16/2011For upgrading in a random and kind way. i do love cheese. glad you upgraded vlad. tinygreen.
9/16/2011Free Account Upgrades for the Fck of It. Great gesture of love! from 11.11.11
9/16/2011For random acts of kindness! 7th sister
9/16/2011For your kindness offering thanks
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