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BROOM's Karma

Total: 12 (12  User Votes) and 20

6/14/2018Good post Master Jedi
12/5/2013Just because you look like you needed some green ~Granny
12/7/2012God bless you Broom, thanks for visiting my thread.
1/30/2012You gonna cry? cry for me ya big baby! cry!
1/14/2012Just a troll
1/14/2012Another -1 for beiung stupid. Do you see a pattern there?
1/13/2012Football tard!
1/7/2012Go sweep something
11/28/2011Pull Shit
11/21/2011For being my light in the darkness! Missouri Foxtrotter
10/26/2011Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
10/10/2011"If you love hubby and don't want to disrespect him change, NOW." -- Borian
10/9/2011For trying to help when I was scared with my broken car. Azila
9/26/2011Now that is the way to write doom[bugged out]
9/25/2011I'll tye you to the radiator and grape you in a bear suit
9/24/2011Not all of us need to comment :)
9/22/2011Now that is the way to write doom -- haha. no fair you have negative karma
9/14/2011Open your eyes, man.
9/13/2011Because I can
9/11/2011Stupid, idiotic, racist bullshit
9/6/2011Pin bitcher
8/27/2011Stupid fuck
8/22/2011Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)

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