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Earth Cries's Karma

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5/22/2022Love ya Sis...Jazzy
5/20/2022BBQ Boy was here
5/17/2022Thanks for all your work! TB
4/26/2022BBQ Boy was here
3/19/2022BBQ Boy stopped by
3/7/2022Love ya...Jazzy
2/8/2022BBQ Boy stopped by
1/21/2022BBQ Boy stopped by
1/12/2022BBQ Boy stopped by
12/27/2021BBQ Boy stopped by
12/22/2021Merry Christmas from your friend Gyro Geargoose!
12/18/2021Merry Christmas and God bless - WhiteAngel
12/17/2021BBQ Boy stopped by
12/14/2021Thanks for your posts on World at War thread! Blessings & Protection, Gyro Geargoose
12/6/2021BBQ Boy stopped by
11/25/2021Have a Happy Thanksgiving - BBQ Boy
11/24/2021Blessings to you and yours. Happy Thanksiving. Jazz
10/19/2021BBQ Boy stopped by
10/7/2021Love ya Sis...Jazz
9/27/2021Salty green. pool
9/13/2021BBQ Boy stopped by
8/27/2021Love ya Sis...Jazz
8/19/2021Love you Sis...Jazz
8/17/2021Thanks for updats LastAmericanOutlaw
8/16/2021Reported Abusive Post
8/1/2021Good to talk to you again. TB
6/27/2021Thx for your work. TB
6/26/2021Good job
6/16/2021Luv ya Sis...Jazz
5/17/2021Because you are you. grammycoop
5/14/2021It's SO good to see you again! Hope all is well. TB
5/13/2021Love ya Girlfriend. Jazz
5/5/2021BBQ Boy was here
4/22/2021Love ya Sis...Jazz
3/8/2021Many hugs to you EC! Calving still ongoing. First heat period ends in 2 days. We are around 220 calved or so! bigD
3/7/2021Love you too. Wisper
1/27/2021Thanks for posting these updates...I appreciate it! :)
1/26/2021Green hugs, Jazz
1/24/2021A much deserved and belated green to you! Os76.
1/22/2021Nice you are here Ceorl
1/16/2021Love ya Sis...Jazz
1/7/2021Because you are you. mommacoop
12/23/2020Merry Christmas ang God bless - WhiteAngel
12/17/2020Hey have a great day. Unless you have other plans.
12/4/2020I am sure we are going to win this election, but I wish they would get going! bigD
11/17/2020Yes finley
11/9/2020Green hugs - WA
10/28/2020Wow and thanks finley
10/25/2020I like the comment.
10/23/2020Best Wishes for October and the Holiday Season. Elf
10/3/2020Incoming Green Karma Strike... friendly fire from Armchair General
9/30/2020Hi Earth Cries! Good tosee you on Jazz Worl at War thread! Hope all is well! bigD
9/24/2020Because you are you. mommacoop
7/31/2020Green from fred1981
7/29/2020Green Kamra to help with the rest of 2020... w/love Elfsong
7/27/2020Incoming!!! Green Karma Strike from Armchair General!
7/10/2020Green from fred1981
7/5/2020Greenings...Jazzy hugs
6/7/2020Thanks for the updates! :)
3/27/2020Earth Is Crying , God Bless You As Well Love GFG
3/23/2020Take care bud - curry nosher :-)
3/17/2020Because you are you. momma coop
3/12/2020Curry nosher green - :-)
2/21/2020Jazzy hugs!
2/16/2020Incoming!!! GREEN karma strike from Armchair General!!
2/16/2020Thanks EC. Happy Sunday. Newton.
2/8/2020Because you are you. Momma coop
1/6/2020Reported Abusive Post
12/16/2019May you have a Merry Christmas and a Very Wonderful New Year - WhiteAngel
11/14/2019War kickoff. love Miss Cleo
11/11/2019From fred1981
10/10/2019Sending some green ... hugs ~Luna~
8/17/2019Green hugs. Jazz
8/6/2019I always appreciate your posts EC Almylo xxx
7/30/2019Reported Abusive Post
7/7/2019Hey Earth! Love the avatar, Isis One
7/3/2019Love from iSith
6/15/2019It is good to have friends such as you ... Elfsong
5/18/2019May G-d be with you and yours....Jazz
5/17/2019Great to see you too! iSith!
5/15/2019Just passing out green - Cap'n Slick
5/15/2019Incoming 'Green Karma' Strike from Armchair General!
5/15/2019Thanks for all you do! love Miss Cleo
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