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Earth Cries's Karma

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10/23/2012Thank you for providing GREAT information on the LA sinkhole. There is little to nothing being said about it in Dallas. I appreciate you gathering important facts and documents in one place where we
10/23/2012Green for your dedication-shadasonic​
10/22/2012Love u avatar)))GFG
10/22/2012Sinkhole update 10/22/12. Thx for being quick. TeamReaper
10/22/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
10/22/2012A sinkhole did open up...in this thread
10/22/2012Nice thread! gonviral
10/22/2012For posting on the sinkhole thread. morgan
10/21/2012For posting great sinkhole info. P&A
10/21/2012Much love to you EC ~ Tiny Trink
10/20/2012Karma Hugs thinking of you :) AKO
10/20/2012Quaketeam IWTB76
10/19/2012Eq business - boudicca
10/17/2012Astroquakes... TheTruthWorker
10/16/2012Karma 4 u - jeff
10/16/2012Totally weird article repeat from 2006 that you posted in the assumption thread! good work! - Vision Thing
10/15/2012Thanks from the dudester
10/11/2012Here's some Green karma for a Earthquaketard buddy....dettro99
10/10/2012Ty for your updates -- Paa Tal
10/10/2012Astroquakes... TheTruthWorker
10/9/2012For the earthquake info! Boudicca
10/9/2012Stay safe - whiteangel
10/8/2012Much Love to you EC prayers for you and your family's safety you take care AKO
10/7/2012Be safe prayers for u--can
10/6/2012Always anticipating your input - jeff
10/5/2012Thank you for the updates on the sinkhole! <3 Mama
10/4/2012Good work, always up to date-shadasonic
10/2/2012For your post's on Gabe's thread. ~Vesper33~
9/28/2012Quake info... TheTruthWorker
9/27/2012Love your stuff - jeff
9/27/2012Solar karma -- mistersplinter
9/25/2012Sending good vibes your way Isis7
9/25/2012Some green love your way - Whiteangel
9/22/2012Hi from Earth420 :)
9/21/2012For your work! - Boudicca
9/18/2012Always love your posts - jeff
9/17/2012Quake green -- mistersplinter
9/16/2012You are an iformation dynamo, awesome- shadasonic
9/15/2012For helping to keep El Hierro thread active. shenue
9/12/2012The Harbringer! GOD Bless U! Susie
9/12/2012Back at ya. we all need a good chuckle every now and then. rev.mikey
9/11/2012EQ love - WA
9/11/2012Green Hugs for your interesting news finds :)
9/10/2012Solar green -- mistersplinter
9/3/2012Love your diligence! - akivajeff
9/1/2012From TheTruthWorker
8/31/2012Quake karma -- mistersplinter
8/22/2012Quake karma -- mistersplinter
8/20/2012Thanks :) Isis7
8/19/2012Thank you for making me feel so welcome! :)
8/17/2012Sinkhole post -SpiderJones
8/17/2012Much thanks - DoorBert
8/17/2012Happy friday....old guard
8/13/2012Quake karma up! -- mistersplinter
8/13/2012Momma coop
8/13/2012Green hugs from tauranga
8/11/2012Thank you! -- Paa Tal
8/2/2012Some green quaketeam hugs IWTB76
7/18/2012Good find, keep up the good work. Isis7
7/17/2012Good posts EC, glad to have you around - shadasonic
7/14/2012Green for you!! <3 MamaHasAwakened
7/6/2012Welcome to the thread....old guard
7/6/2012For contributing to the Hierro thread - Acid Trip
7/5/2012Thank you for contributing - Idgits
6/30/2012Interesting post mate, good job- Nerd
6/30/2012Friday night/Sat a.m. karma ~ Beso
6/28/2012To get even :) green from subzero86
6/25/2012Nice poster.
6/23/2012Welcome to GLP!!! ~Vesper33~
9/9/2011Violated Posting Rules (Copyright Violation)
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