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8/24/2012The lic party... Good one! :) ...*from CrissCross
8/24/2012Some Healing Green for you, and hugs! Nauti*Girl
8/23/2012Have a great weekend ! From Tiger1.
8/23/2012Always love your posts - Lyttlmiss
8/22/2012Doorbert got butt fucked by a horse. It's okay though, his asshole is huge.
8/22/2012Nephilim probed your butthole!
8/21/2012I agree
8/20/2012For not judging 'others personal family decisions' - good decision! ~ Sloane
8/20/2012TY for knowledge of the water impact scenario! unheard
8/19/2012Billy stopped by
8/19/2012Momma coop
8/15/2012Hey festiefreak.
8/13/2012Have a great week ! From Tiger1.
8/11/2012Because you are you
8/11/2012Doorbert licks big fat horse dicks.
8/10/2012Have a great weekend! - Psych
8/10/2012Just because ~ LaniJane
8/10/2012Lmao, you always crack me up. PB
8/10/2012Friday Green from Bowman. : )
8/10/201298 - 07 Dodge ISB - 5.9 L - With power puck, lifetime oil cleaning system and a few other goodies = 28 MPG+... Imajicatus
8/9/2012Hello! From Earth420
8/7/2012Gd- c
8/7/2012Love your jokes - Lyttlmiss
8/7/2012Bahahahaha! I loved the Teacher/Johnny cat joke in the hang out! -- Ziyal
8/7/2012Much love in The Hang out.. Peace.... EvilMoney
8/6/2012Shares beer, cheers too. pool
8/3/2012Great jokes ! From Tiger1.
8/1/2012You're funny - TexasGirl
7/29/2012Straight up butt sex.
7/28/2012Trying to help those in need of it. Much respect duder
7/28/2012Gracious and kind of you SilverPatriot
7/28/2012Mmmm aspartame ;-) Vision Thing
7/27/2012Mongo likes candy lol
7/27/2012Green up from ~~CF~~
7/26/2012I am just a Northwest Indiana Rabble Rouser ! :) From Tiger1.
7/26/2012Interesting pot post - Dease
7/25/2012Good poster!! Kinect :-)
7/24/2012Doomed, we are
7/24/2012Digging the aviators - haha great minds thing alike! (most of the time) :) - MI
7/24/2012Because you are always happy and witty :)-Starlit
7/24/2012Fuck empathy....you feel like you want to and fucking mind your own petty business
7/23/2012Hope it is all going good :) Lyttlmiss
7/23/2012To a guy from my favorite part of the country, stay cool. :) 28m
7/23/2012Karma drop, take care ~ doodles :)
7/23/2012Xoxo, Strangela
7/23/2012For having fun til the day we die. :) ~ Truly
7/23/2012Thank you - C
7/20/2012Doorbert licks fat, hairy testicles.
7/17/2012The little red rooster - RoXY
7/17/2012Right back at ya! I'm still here, just a little busier :) MP
7/17/2012Hey buddy! Good luck in 2nd half of fantasy baseball!- SG
7/17/2012Random Green Karma because I can .... EvilMoney
7/16/2012Karma buddy. Pool
7/16/2012Lotus flower x
7/15/2012Right on! - from Tuff~Kooky
7/15/2012I don't like you.
7/13/2012Fat stupid chemtard
7/13/2012Greetings from Indiana ! From Tiger1.
7/13/2012I like your avatar, with your red sweaty chest, while you are at the pirate festival/convention.
7/13/2012Have a great weekend! Heidr :)
7/13/2012From a Friend... Kinect
7/12/2012For thel Dead
7/11/2012Green for the chemtrails post
7/11/2012For winning a game vs a tennis pro! PB
7/11/2012The world need more people like you.
7/11/2012Tennis pro'
7/10/2012I pee outside too!
7/9/2012For knowing something about the balkan wars
7/9/2012Politically religious jokes make for the best laughter... Imajicatus
7/9/2012Positive Karma 4 U, W NB, tSJ
7/9/2012You must be fat
7/8/2012Thanks for the birthday wishes :) Your Pal Billy
7/8/2012Hilarious discussion with 'Lucifer' haha. ~ Truly
7/8/2012For commenting my thread! ~Starshiptrooper
7/7/2012LOVEALL! I knew it was morse code, nice job mate -Donivan
7/7/2012For agreeing with Pat, thereby elevation both genders. :)
7/7/2012Kate, I'm okay! :)
7/6/2012For your jokes ! :) From Tiger1.
7/6/2012No particular reason
7/6/2012Cheers, friend! :) Martian Princess
7/5/2012Have a great weekend! One more day to go..~Christine~
7/5/2012Independence Day
7/4/2012Happy 4th of July! :p - Psych
7/4/2012Happy Independence Day -Shaz
7/4/2012I'm gonna pee outside on Independence Day just because I can - Resister
7/4/2012Happy Independence Day karma...~ Ducimus
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