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6/27/2012Great Post Heres some Karma from Gonviral!
6/26/2012<3 Chulahoma
6/26/2012I love Wisconsin. Oh_Yikes
6/26/2012Positive Karma 4 U, brother WN, tSJ
6/26/2012Happy tuesday....old guard
6/26/2012Now that is one bad!!! joke ROFL>>> Lyttlmiss
6/25/2012Pee outside, use CS AND drink kale smoothies - you get green - msz
6/24/2012Very good===Quasar
6/22/2012Habs rule -- swin
6/22/2012Strokers karma -Shingen
6/21/2012Cheesehead karma - STT
6/21/2012Oh Nos!!!! Grow it back!! Lady Jane Smith :o)
6/21/2012You rock!!! much love!! ~ cloudy
6/20/201225 mo. anniversary karma ~ LaniJane
6/20/2012Lol, 'dirty' hippie. Some peoples children.. lol!
6/19/2012Nice post karma 4 u from Gonviral
6/19/2012No reason.
6/19/2012Happy Birthday, hope you got lucky ;-) Vision Thing
6/19/2012<3 om
6/18/2012Thanks a lot friend!--Gary
6/18/2012Like your Sig ~ BH
6/18/2012Good karma for a friend. Kinect
6/18/2012Happy birthday karma FORCE KING
6/18/2012Happy Birthday karma from Bowman : )
6/18/2012Birthday karma for you! Carol B.
6/18/2012Happy Birthday, NB. I hope this year is a great one for you! <3 Doomish
6/18/2012Karma chat lol, here's some GOOD! Laura Bow
6/18/2012Hello! Earth420 :)
6/17/2012GREEN is life! :) Martian
6/17/2012W_NB!! Hope all is well man! PB
6/17/2012Hot stuff!! MX
6/17/2012Love your neighbors
6/17/2012For never giving 'reds' - That's the spirit! - RoXY
6/17/2012Strange is correct!!! xoxo, Strangela
6/15/2012Happy Birthday fellow Gemini :) Lyttlmiss
6/15/2012The black female post was hilarious ! From Tiger1.
6/14/2012For down-to-Earth postings, pictures and humor...
6/14/2012Send back the stanley cup! swin
6/14/2012Random Karma in The Hang Out! >> EvilMoney
6/14/2012Havent talked to you in awhile, below me
6/13/2012Kate :)
6/13/2012My Father told me that Gin was 'panty-remover'-Kayak​
6/13/2012Hey my friend :>)_ Good to see you NBB
6/11/2012Stop your crying !!
6/9/2012Oh gawwwwd!
6/8/2012Hugs and kisses to you!!! Love, Strangela
6/8/2012Hey NB, hope all is well! SG
6/8/2012Overdue buddy karma....friend ;-)
6/8/2012Hello! Earth420 :)
6/7/2012For being hilarious!
6/7/2012TDT leap frogged the whole league!
6/6/2012From a mysterious canadian
6/5/2012Green luv - Too Dark Park
6/4/2012For the duck pic ! From Tiger1.
6/4/2012Chemtrails ~ LJ
6/1/2012You silky bearded devil, you ;o) Lady Jane Smith
5/31/2012You make me laugh! Kate :)
5/31/2012Pee indoor once in awhile - Dtrain
5/30/2012Such a fag. nice gut you got there, nature girl. you sure got a purty mouth though. pucker up peckerhead...
5/29/2012On the river karma
5/29/2012Put a shirt on you fat stupid fuck!
5/29/2012Use the toilet for christs sake!
5/28/2012Loved your tree pic posts :)
5/28/2012For the chemtrail thread. Awesome ....Carol B.
5/28/2012You know why...xoxo
5/28/2012For the frozen trees. ~Freelapse
5/26/2012Cant standzya
5/26/2012Great post on Chem~trails .... now if there were only an intelligent audience to relay it to !! ~TS66
5/26/2012For being a chemtard FK
5/26/2012Funny. :) scuba7
5/26/2012Great thank you
5/26/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
5/26/2012Good patent find. Ehecatl
5/26/2012Chemtrails - RoXY
5/26/2012How's my hummingbird? LOL
5/26/2012Great post
5/26/2012Chemtrail thread...The skies have been wrong for a LONG time! CowgirlK
5/26/2012Your a great guy. Amy A
5/26/2012For the giggles :D TY -Sammie
5/26/2012Green for the chemtrail thread. WindyMind
5/25/2012United states Patent 5,003,186 proof of chemtrails
5/25/2012To my buddy from Wisconsin. Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!- Sleeping Giant
5/25/2012Whats up man! PB
5/25/2012Maybe someday we can be buds again...
5/23/2012My name is jan jansen -- swin
5/23/2012Karma to my Wisc brother! Thanks for the great comments. JoeBoxer
5/22/2012Keep it green ;) Martian Princess
5/22/2012Go cubbies. sonic doom
5/22/2012Hello to the bearded guy ~ Lady Jane Smith
5/22/2012God Bless You....Chop's
5/22/2012Cloudy digs ya!!
5/22/2012Good advice! <3 Just miffed
5/22/2012Freedom of Speech SFAV
5/22/2012I mean, I just have to give this motherfucker + karma, I mean come on.
5/22/2012Wash dem windas fo a dolla! Nice AV! - STT
5/21/2012Captain Trips Karma ~ Endave
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