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5/26/2012Chemtrails - RoXY
5/26/2012How's my hummingbird? LOL
5/26/2012Great post
5/26/2012Chemtrail thread...The skies have been wrong for a LONG time! CowgirlK
5/26/2012Your a great guy. Amy A
5/26/2012For the giggles :D TY -Sammie
5/26/2012Green for the chemtrail thread. WindyMind
5/25/2012United states Patent 5,003,186 proof of chemtrails
5/25/2012To my buddy from Wisconsin. Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!- Sleeping Giant
5/25/2012Whats up man! PB
5/25/2012Maybe someday we can be buds again...
5/23/2012My name is jan jansen -- swin
5/23/2012Karma to my Wisc brother! Thanks for the great comments. JoeBoxer
5/22/2012Keep it green ;) Martian Princess
5/22/2012Go cubbies. sonic doom
5/22/2012Great avatar. Fap fap fap.
5/22/2012Hello to the bearded guy ~ Lady Jane Smith
5/22/2012God Bless You....Chop's
5/22/2012Cloudy digs ya!!
5/22/2012Good advice! <3 Just miffed
5/22/2012Freedom of Speech SFAV
5/22/2012I mean, I just have to give this motherfucker + karma, I mean come on.
5/22/2012Wash dem windas fo a dolla! Nice AV! - STT
5/21/2012Captain Trips Karma ~ Endave
5/21/2012Cloudy with a hint of...tabasco sauce:/~DH))
5/21/2012Management course karma, Bro'... ~ Ducimus
5/20/2012Thank You Nature Boy..Love your style...NoSilence
5/19/2012Great Catholic jokes ! From Tiger1.
5/19/2012Like it man !!!
5/19/2012Great Thread (5 Min. Manager) ~KirtSpiracy~
5/19/2012Genius with
5/19/2012Amazing 5 min Course. Thanks Strongman.
5/19/2012Great five minute management course! - fromtruthwillsetyoufr​eeagain
5/19/2012You know why! Nauti Girl
5/19/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
5/19/2012Awesome song! - Whatsitallabout
5/18/2012Just because :)
5/18/2012Thx for the laughs - chrit
5/18/2012Cuz you are hilarious
5/18/2012Quasar hugs...
5/18/2012For peeing outside. LOL- SpiderJones
5/15/2012Nice post! From Kinect
5/14/2012Springtime in the rockies -- finally!
5/13/2012God Bless You....Chop's
5/13/2012Nature karma! ~e1
5/11/2012Here's some 'holy crap it's actually in the 70's today' karma for ya! ~AnB
5/11/2012Friday Green Karma from Bowman!
5/9/2012Happy Day! Earth420 :)
5/8/2012Your problem is your mother didnt give you a binkie as a baby, she used a tampon instead.
5/8/2012For friendship, and hope we can all hang on over here. From Tiger1.
5/8/2012Thanks for the contribution. -rev
5/8/2012For peeing outside- Sleeping Giant
5/8/2012For being from a favorite part of the country. :) 28m
5/6/2012Buddy karma :) doodles
5/5/2012Nice one!
5/4/2012Boy, you sure have a purdy mouth. I bet you like to have your armpits tickled.
5/4/2012Wake & Bake
5/2/2012Happy Karma Day from Lady Jane Smith :o)
5/1/2012Supplies!!!! lol-LonghairKing in NorCal
5/1/2012Have a happy day! Earth420
5/1/2012For you
4/30/2012Thank you for the good wishes on my endeavor. From Tiger1.
4/30/2012Thanks for your support of my response to Daughter in law thread...my2centswort​h
4/30/2012Reported Abusive Post
4/30/2012A little green from Faith
4/30/2012For being hilarious and warped :D /Michael
4/30/2012Tree-tard LOL - Lyttlmiss
4/30/2012Kinect :-)
4/30/2012Nice link!
4/30/2012A little green for a Great GLPer! Joeboxer
4/30/2012Tx for the 'puter help, Isis One
4/29/2012For the info - Chrit
4/29/2012Love you babe!!! xoxo, Strangela
4/28/2012Rp love
4/28/2012Great pic....I find tree to be mysterious and beautiful - Dease
4/27/2012Happy weekend...old Guard
4/27/2012I will :)
4/27/2012LOL funny thread about breeding your dog! Laura Bow
4/27/2012Nice posts! TheTruthWorker
4/27/2012I've heard that you actually pee inside... I have a Dr friend if you'd like to talk...- STT
4/26/2012Lookin' good, sweet tits.
4/26/2012Chicagoans are only allowed in Wisconsin on weekends.- lol Martian
4/26/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
4/25/2012Thanks for informing me on the kharma thing! PB
4/24/2012Just hangin' out... have a little Karma, bro! - HI.Lander
4/23/2012Hahaaah! Forgot about the anteater one! -Stealth521
4/23/2012Good Karma to start the week. Faith
4/23/2012Helpin' his buddy get some
4/23/2012Bill can't Login WTF, now he's a lambdragon again
4/23/2012OMG, your dog story just made my day, way to go natureboy-Kayak
4/22/2012Nice for taking one for the team -hope your dog gets laid - marlborolightsplease
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