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wisc_natureboy's Karma

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8/17/2011Thank you for setting me straight on the Ron Paul abortion issue :)
8/17/2011Good info
8/17/2011For the Emergency Preparedness thread. A very informative, well thought out thread offering both experienced and rookie preppers great instruction and insight.
8/16/2011For telling the LinuxTARD he was full of FUD - BoxerLvr
8/16/2011Great BOB post.
8/16/2011Computer wizard
8/16/2011Because his avatar is CUTE! <3
8/16/2011Good poll
8/16/2011Great tip!
8/15/2011One good deed deserves one good Karma.
8/15/2011You're such a good guy, thanks for your help! Pollyannuh
8/15/2011Good guy
8/15/2011Karma for lending a hand to another user.
8/15/2011Muah <3
8/15/2011Leftist posting poll for GOP
8/15/2011Always positive
8/15/2011For hula hoop chicks, centrist
8/15/2011I liked it when you posted pictures of Wisconsin, made me homesick for Minnesota
8/14/2011For bump on best day of my life
8/14/2011Good poll
8/14/2011Great poll!
8/14/2011Ron Paul
8/14/2011Because his poll is good and greasy
8/14/2011Great GOP poll, Ron Paul wins !
8/14/2011Nice poll
8/14/2011Awesome quote in your signature
8/14/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
8/14/2011Funny dude
8/14/2011Because you pee outside
8/14/2011Always upbeat kind things to say, nice person.
8/14/2011I like your positive attitude! :)
8/13/2011Tells it like it is
8/13/2011Respectful on topic interesting comments
8/13/2011Too cool for school....LOL
8/13/2011I love the sconny's!
8/13/2011Good attitude
8/13/2011He actually spoke something truthfully and logically in an argumentative thread. Offered actual substantiated fact.
8/13/2011Nature boy is a defender and trys to play nice
8/13/2011From Wisconsin..has to be a good guy!
8/13/2011Because he's good enough, smart enough, and darn it, people like him!
8/13/2011Love this guy. He is such a sweetie. And it was for me!
8/12/2011You seem friendly & genuine. I like your posts!
8/12/2011Nature Boy is a good-hearted soul.
8/12/2011Love Thy Goose
8/12/2011Love the song
8/12/2011Good ole boy
8/12/2011He's hot...check that pic!
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