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Innocentfishingboat's Karma

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4/9/2018Thanks much for posting in my Temple thread. Have a good week, savcash
4/5/2018"Re: Two AMAZING VIDEOS by the YouTube Shooter - WOW!!!! " good post!
4/4/2018Long neck nasim comments .... kawee kitsune
4/4/2018Green from OldWhiteGuy for your great posts!
4/2/2018Elongated muskrat lmfao O__o
4/2/2018There are some of us who don't believe in the dreams of dragons, no matter how grand they say they are
3/28/2018Nice pedo Avatar ya got there.
3/28/2018Green for having the hottest lips on GLP! -Zovalex
3/27/2018Green from OldWhiteGuy for your great posts
3/25/2018My struggle. love Miss Cleo
3/24/2018Speak your truth
3/18/2018Green from OldWhiteGuy for your great posts
3/3/2018Green from Goneviral
3/1/2018Well reasoned comment in the firearm age thread. -Nameless the Deplorable
12/20/2017Merry MAGA Christmas ~Boaty
9/27/2017Ankhiale :)
9/22/2017Green from Wash.
9/20/2017Be well and stay calm with creator. pool
9/16/2017From Ralph--a house dog,,,,pls post more re Alawite Muslims...US needs to support them
9/14/2017For the great info on Nephilm - OldWhiteGuy
9/13/2017Alabama comment, narrow minded fool. Open your eyes to the World.
9/11/2017Well done
9/11/2017Best wishes and glad you got coffe going! bluebonnet
9/7/2017Florida Love from your nieghbor Starbird
9/6/2017HA!! Thank you for the laugh. ("Double dicking"). Patient Grasshopper.
9/4/2017Green - grove street
9/4/2017Wrong, completely wrong on Islam
9/4/2017Dumbfuckery. Great word. strgzr :)
9/2/2017As usual some of the best real bible talk -undestroyer
9/1/2017Giving you good karma for your health journey. From ThisWayUp
9/1/2017Sending some light and love, Isis One
9/1/2017Beautiful strength. pool
8/31/2017From Ralph--a house dog
8/22/2017Just Because - OldWhiteGuy
8/19/2017Green - grove street
7/22/2017Angelina Jolie is discusting and so are you
7/22/2017Sjw moran
7/20/2017Go and suck yo mama's dlck libtard
7/19/2017Shut. the. fuck. up.
7/19/2017What is wrong with u????
7/19/2017This accounts user does not use their brain.
7/19/2017Fuck off faggot
7/19/2017Weekly. stfu
7/19/2017Shilly shilly dumbfuck
7/19/2017Speaking of taking videos down...
7/19/2017Ignornat cunt
7/15/2017Well said.
7/12/2017You made me laugh (in a good way) - thanks
7/7/2017Child support is not great. it's a system designed to create division, hate and criminals and most of all PROFIT for the state.
7/7/2017Thanks for the sweet comment. -Freckle Face
7/1/2017Green Bean / Hat_Creek
6/28/2017So true tired of society trying to make Downs Syndrome any more than what it is retardism
6/27/2017Smart post. Sloane
6/27/2017Rude and mean post- u r a jerk
6/25/2017Very insightful ~ LittleMissDictator :D
6/17/2017Green for defending women from a bullies!
6/17/2017Greenest kindness wrapped in Love-Ursabruin
6/10/2017For the courage to post while signed in on the feminism thread, so many cowards. Somebody.
6/10/2017Loved your contributions to the algebra thread ~grippya
6/3/2017"The Swinging Sultan!!!", harhar....love-love, cosmicgypsy
5/31/2017Hope you are well! ~ Starbird
5/21/2017For taking time to reply to my suicide question.
5/20/2017You post great stuff. Starbird
5/16/2017Excellent commentary on the 'mature' thread. :-) morgan
5/9/2017Great posts - lightchild_uk
5/8/2017You know fuckall of nothing, dumb libtard faggot loser.
5/3/2017Shame but true
5/1/2017Highest paid shill on GLP
5/1/2017Illuminati thread, it is the Js.
4/29/2017Libtard cuck.
4/27/2017Thanks for the bump
4/27/2017Great reply!
4/23/2017Thoughtful answer
4/21/2017Awesome post in the eletrolyte thread. NowIhave
4/21/2017Preaching doctrine of demons
4/8/2017Sending prayer and Love GFG
4/8/2017Reality smackdown
4/8/2017You're a fucking self-righteous asshole. Fuck you.
4/7/2017For bitchy advice
4/6/2017Perfect post on BPEarth -coder
4/5/2017Sports and Hip-hop. Innocent Fishing Boat--is that the one offshore when the Kennedy Jr plane ?crashed? BadProgBad
4/5/2017Thanks for thr good post in car thread-astral goat
4/5/2017Good information
2/19/2017Back at you man - MultiStrada
2/1/2017Hi InnocentFishingBoat~~​Hugs from I Love Panda Bears!
1/11/2017Its clear enough that you are an asshat
12/27/2016"Cleaning lady"!! Boog
12/27/2016Epic....cleaning lady
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