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10/21/2020Hunter Biden will torpedo Joe's campaign bet on it
10/20/2020Shutup fuckface
10/19/2020Fuck off, shit for brains.
10/19/2020Go fuck yourself and stay out of our country's elections
10/18/2020It about you and getting red for being a douche
10/17/2020Glad you like the info!
10/14/2020Doesnt understand difference between ideology and political identity
10/12/2020Trump is going to win
10/11/2020Transinvestigation needed STAT
10/11/2020Looking for red on your thread
10/10/2020Tds idiot
10/4/2020Thanks :) - Em
10/3/2020Mean to trump like every other asshole, big meanie!
10/2/2020F*ck Trump
9/25/2020Real proof goes a long way; something you don't have.
9/19/2020It's obvious he did write that tweet
9/11/2020For being clueless and gay
9/5/2020Retarded Retard
9/5/2020This person supports leftism
9/3/2020Douchebag communist
9/3/2020LMAO u need to wise up!
9/3/2020Bless youre heart! You need to read your own by-line
9/3/2020Imagine sabotaging your own green reputation. have some red, shitbird
8/31/2020Better red than lead
8/12/2020Hell is for the people who betray God and man both. Enjoy your roast, Democrat.
8/12/2020STFU you Dominican fuckwit
7/31/2020You are a sissy cupcake. Yes you are.
7/30/2020You are an idiot.
7/30/2020A blind man would be more competent than you
7/30/2020For supporting a pedophile for the office of POTUS. I realize that all of you leftist scum care about is yourself, but maybe it's time to grow up
7/26/2020TRUMP 2020. How does it feel to have him living inside your head?
7/25/2020Doom Break :)
7/24/2020Liberal douchebag
7/22/2020Non-quarantine Green -- Wolf 1776
7/17/2020No, he's not an adolescent
7/17/2020Thoughts create, mind them well.
7/11/2020Here's to seeing the menace depart the white house
7/10/2020WOW, you're stuck on stupid !
7/1/2020Happy Independence Day -- Wolf 1776
6/18/2020What a TDS stricken Loser
6/16/2020Summer Green - Wolf 1776
6/3/2020More green 4 u -- Wolf 1776
5/26/2020Many blessings to you. - Happy in Nature
5/23/2020Good post on planned obsolescence with reference to car and shampoos.
5/21/2020Karma bump (Wolf 1776)
5/15/2020Posted a thread that was pinned
5/13/2020Forgive your enemies, it messes with their heads. Thoughts create, mind them well.
5/12/2020Green for your perspective on Covid response. ~Maiya
5/12/2020Just some random green <3 Only Me
5/10/2020Latino cuck
5/9/2020You're not worth even 3.50, feeble mind.
5/9/2020Have a GREAT day! -- Wolf 1776
4/29/2020Stick your iPhone up your ass
4/29/2020Viridescent Salutations -- Wolf 1776
4/19/2020Spring Green -- Wolf 1776
4/10/2020Wise poster.
3/28/2020Thank you! ~Vasily
3/26/2020Stay healthy and strong! chasity
3/23/2020Thanks for the report from DR -CarbonBound+
3/21/2020You're an idiot
3/14/2020Good comment Superfly
3/11/2020Dormant till activated.
3/1/2020Very Funny Comment
2/23/2020Forgive your enemies, it messes with their heads.
2/20/2020Green For You! ~ ItsMaKa2
9/11/2019For being a Biden supporter
9/11/2019Fuck off cunt
9/11/2019Red for being a brainwashed hate Trump cultist.
8/21/2019Abusive Post - posting with less than 2 brain cells
4/21/2019Asshole. You say we have a "moran in charge" Go to liberal hell.
3/15/2019Do you ever tell the truth, liberal ?
12/1/2018I hate meth
9/25/2018You agreed with me!!!! YAY!!!!
7/20/2018We's right. Crash
7/12/2018Reported Abusive Post
7/2/2018Reported Abusive Post
6/27/2018Learn how to spell you dumb dindu
5/23/2018Reported Abusive Post
5/19/2018Reported Abusive Post
5/13/2018Thanks for posting the synopsis
4/28/2018Gratitude green, and apology green....love-love, cosmicgypsy
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