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Catseye's Karma

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2/22/2021TDS afflicted communist = human trash
2/20/2021You too dumb to doo doo
2/17/2021Still eating turds like a champ..we still lov you though
2/15/2021Yup, libtard gets both vac and mammogram.
2/13/2021Idiot commie
2/13/2021Because commies love red
2/13/2021Stupid cunt
2/13/2021Leftist ass fucker
2/10/2021Stop eating kitty litter. It's making you dumb
2/6/2021Stupid cunt
1/31/2021Have a little green for the Fire Ant advice. Starbird
1/20/2021Stupid cunt
1/11/2021Fuck off shill
1/8/2021Because you're a foreign moron, lol...GKY
1/7/2021Idiotic viewpoint.
1/7/2021Stupid cunt
1/6/2021Antifa bitch boy
12/29/2020The person with red karma is wrong again
12/21/2020Communist homosexual
12/19/2020Poor wittle baby, Catseye...crying himself to sleep in momma's basement every night
12/14/2020Ho le fukk
12/12/2020Enjoy the slavery yourself that you want us all to live under.... you are a hardy pile POS!
12/12/2020Mocking, soulless coward.
12/12/2020Thanks for reminding me to give you this week's red for being a communist piece of shit
12/12/2020Mommy is so Proud of her little Antifa bitchboy
12/11/2020Keep fighting for your slavery. Your masters thank you. Good luck in life. You need it
12/10/2020Lol moran
12/9/2020Go fuck yourself
12/9/2020Don't be mad because I got something I worked hard for communists cunt .
12/9/2020Welcome to my first red of the day...well deserved... dipshit.
12/9/2020You should know, stupid face.
12/7/2020Fat drunk and stupid is no way to go thru life
12/4/2020Just because youre an idiot.
12/3/2020STFU, Hillary!
12/2/2020Calls clear censorship click bait. shill level 5000
12/1/2020Thanks for your Ivermectin post - Justme
11/30/2020You have cat breath, homo.
11/30/2020Poor communist Catseye sees his future slipping away..LMAO!
11/26/2020Utter moran
11/24/2020Trump MAGAing
11/24/2020You must of had really bad parenting. You can not think correctly.
11/24/2020Lol no
11/24/2020Oh look its this putz again!
11/21/2020Another foreign GayBlue shill
11/21/2020Peanut brain
11/21/2020He'll be posting about how the liberals heads are fucking exploding when the pedo doesn't get the whitehouse. he'll be posting about how you are all bitches
11/21/2020Yo waist high mamma took out her teeth while I set my beer on her head while you prayed with rosary beeds in a corner, bitch boy.
11/21/2020For being a Liberal Shill
11/21/2020Idiot, go away
11/20/2020Foreign IO = Shareblue shill most likely
11/20/2020Its not going away
11/19/2020Bag of dicks outside your front doorr next to the dumpter
11/16/2020Being from a shithole country and thinking you can opine on the state of the US democracy, I think not.
11/12/2020Weekly red for the foreign shithole communist shill
11/12/2020Dick hole
11/12/2020Cognitive assessment? i guess all of bidens brain melt downs on TV are just theater?
11/11/2020Postponing your own butthurt
11/11/2020From America to Dominican Republican: Fuck you
11/11/2020You are a fool.. you cheer your own slavery
11/9/2020Were you the idiot that got sucker punched at the blm gathering? You took the beating like a trooper!
11/8/2020Eat a dick
11/8/2020Yup its a fairty tale alright
11/8/2020Die commie
11/8/2020Wiggle wiggle
11/7/2020"Cyberballs"...bahaha​ha!! You so deserve a little green just for that word. - TXP
11/7/2020Eat shit
11/7/2020Stick a dick in your eye, tard
11/7/2020Trump is your daddy !
11/7/2020Stupid Fuck.
11/7/2020Misred post, sorry Cat
11/7/2020Your butt will hurt when i am done
11/6/2020Shill alert
11/6/2020What’s up little dick....
11/6/2020Go play in your shit...it's okay we know your special. Hush now the adults are talking
11/1/2020Nope, he's not. The MSM just strings lemmings like yourself along for the ride.
10/30/2020Tucker Carlson is not useless news
10/29/2020This person is a leftist domestic enemy
10/29/2020Liberal shit
10/26/2020Piss off shill
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