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3/15/2013This comment is spot on
2/27/2013"Get ready for your cities to burn..." " Other than that, do not be alarmed." Excellent post!
2/8/2013Hi from Ralph--a house dog
1/28/2013Well said.
1/28/2013Well said, brother. The Consitution is written for people of God, not people of the state. ~UnmannedAerialPilot
1/28/2013Lacks critical thinking skills.
1/27/2013Spoken by a wise person re dating Don'tBeAfraid
1/25/2013Thank you for praying for me in my prayer request thread back in December. Sincerely, IamSawyer
1/21/2013Finding Jesus...
1/13/2013Good post on military vs social spending. manu
1/12/2013Here's a thumbs down for your prehistoric thinking. Hopefully you will join the 21st cebtury one day....
1/5/2013Do not presume we all think the way you do
12/25/2012That was some sick shit, the advice you gave that woman, truly evil.
12/24/2012Agree with catholic church being the great whore....lotza luv
12/18/2012Good post on anti pschotic drugs Ralph--a house dog
12/11/2012Right you are, occult is real
12/9/2012Addictive my ass. You Lie, and are weak willed.
11/29/2012Good answer
11/28/2012Blessings! - Lisa :)
11/14/2012You forgot about the Reagan crash of 1987!
11/10/2012You gave pearls of advice.
10/19/2012Fucking hate this state.
10/19/2012Ass licker.
10/19/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
10/6/2012I am sad n sorry to say you are so very ignorant!
7/31/2012Great links to Christians being persecuted by Islam. Adventus Domini
7/30/2012A flood in your pants...
7/18/2012For truth - Nemamiah
7/18/2012You stupid fucker....what a dumb asshole. Fuck You
7/18/2012Way to feed the dog crappy food.
7/11/2012Well said.
6/28/20121 for your comment on murderous govt shills :) > blue zeus
6/21/2012Thanks for the VERY appropriate post in the yoga thread - Idgits
6/21/2012For being pro 2nd amendment....indianda​ve
6/21/2012Lier say things that dont know...
5/27/2012Take it elsewhere
5/25/2012Thanks Seven. Strongman!
5/16/2012IGNORE list for you RELIGATURD
4/18/2012Open minded
4/8/2012The smartest thing I've ever read on glp.
4/6/2012Thanks for helping the post - No Dhimmi
3/14/2012Hatred of gentiles -1
3/4/2012Yep homosexuality is a sin, thanks for expressing your views
2/13/2012For your response to Sandi's rants.
2/2/2012Lana del rey
1/28/2012RT kicks ass FOAD!
1/20/2012Great post - toadmaster
11/2/2011Youre fucking stupid.
10/30/2011For a Really Intelligent Answer to The Marxist Idiot
10/28/2011Karma :) ACM
10/7/2011Speaking the truth! - TAC!
9/30/201110 Generation curse? Where does it say that?
9/29/2011Republitard ass that doesn't understand Ronald Regan raised taxes 7 times and George W. Bush fought 2 wars without a tax increase which collapsed the fucking economy. Wow!
9/27/2011For reposting and agreeing to IV administered vitamin C
9/18/2011Mary J is nature's medicine and saying it has anything to do with demons is ignorant! Please fuck off!! ya
9/17/2011Because of your stories of faith! God Bless!!
9/17/2011For your faith!
9/6/2011Msm brain
9/6/2011Boo u suck
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