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double_frick's Karma

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9/28/2014Helping the a.c. with toe issues was very nice; eased her mind! Raye
9/28/2013Karma Visit ~ Knowbody Special
8/2/2012I like those that speak with knowledge
8/2/2012San Bernardino California files for Bankruptcy posts
7/17/2012Thanks for positng, Merci
7/16/2012I loe this post! "if you are guilting your girl because of sex....you need to get some new balls surgically attached because yours have transformed into a giant vagina." PB
7/15/2012It was a joke. I was tired of that guys nuke thread that was up earlier because I have OCD. And, it started freaking me out even though I knew it was BS. So, I made this thread as a joke. Ha. :)
7/12/2012Enjoyed your input in the electrocution thread! thanks, morgan.
7/11/2012Blech. kissing sandi's ass is enough to turn my stomach.
7/10/2012Thanks 4 the Green.... TW
7/8/2012Thanks for your honesty on anti depressants ... me too
7/7/2012Welcome to my thread! -Who.
7/5/2012Thanks for the karma and support! Glad you enjoyed the Mammon thread. Cheers! - Six Six Six
7/3/2012So kind and helpful. hyp_Sweet.
3/21/2012Good post (welfare)
3/11/2012For the pro marijuana
3/8/2012Pro society decline -1
3/7/2012Right on
9/27/2011For giving your daughter such an awesome name! <3
9/27/2011Insane ! the Insanity.. From Mary Mag and Kids.
8/31/2011Good post, I agree!!-Danose
8/20/2011Cool avatar pic > Love is the answer
8/20/2011Good advice about meditation.
8/15/2011Haha you rant

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