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4/4/2014Clean up that junk in your tacky signature! IT's clutter.
6/2/2013One of the few sane people here.
7/17/2012Good link
3/21/2012Ron Paul is so bad, yet the media is ignoring him. He doesn't have a chance to be POTUS. Why you have such a hard on for him?
3/15/2012Wing-ed Karma
11/26/2011You know nothing about Freemasons
11/21/2011Always great contributions from you! ~Deus Angst Machina
11/3/2011Just because you are an asshole
9/14/2011Oh SHUT UP
9/13/2011For Ron Paul
9/9/2011Violated Posting Rules (Copyright Violation)
9/4/2011Post in rainbow thread
9/4/2011Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
9/4/2011Your sig offends me
9/4/20111 for helping educate my silly redneck arse!!lol -Danose
9/3/2011You need it
9/2/2011Cunt :)
9/1/2011Art bell hater
9/1/2011Cause ron paul sucks
9/1/2011Your avatar becomes you, loser in all ways, shilltard.
9/1/2011I think the cat lodged a bullet in your brain
8/31/2011Using the *insert word*-tard. Not something I'd expect of the "SmartesOne".
8/31/2011Dipshit shill
8/31/2011Pretty right
8/31/2011Still can't be nice can you....
8/31/2011Favorite passtime: insulting everyone else
8/31/2011Your anti Paul arguments are foolish
8/31/2011Your asscat suuuucks
8/31/2011Being a dumbass NWO piece of trash
8/31/2011Shill bitch trys to dirty up RP
8/31/2011Dumb, but thinks she is smart
8/31/2011Egotistical, but usually wrong! So I don't understand the ego
8/31/2011The dumbest one
8/31/2011Dumb dumb dumb
8/31/2011Because this poster lies about Ron Paul...
8/31/2011You need it! ~ Chip
8/30/2011Good proof on them damn jewish people
8/29/2011Karma bump!
8/29/2011Constant attacks on Ron Paul
8/29/2011Its all good. Fuck them
8/29/2011For good info
8/29/2011For believing in the holohoax
8/29/2011Very connected on how the world is run.
8/29/2011You suck, baby.
8/29/2011Just cause you're kind of a dick. Plagiarise that genius.
8/28/2011TOEM for being sick and tired of religious woo woo - ism
8/28/2011You need it
8/28/2011Keep telling the TRUTH ! God bless. From me777
8/27/2011Smartest One, has shown me his weakness as far as self-progression.
8/26/2011Great posts!
8/25/2011Dick head
8/25/2011For lying in your forum title. noone likes what you have to say and if you read it in a thread it was someone making fun of it.
8/25/2011Just because ,,, Hiitndahedfred
8/22/2011Uninformed and unnecessary comments.
8/22/2011Frightenly ignorant about Ron Paul...laughable and a true sheep!
8/22/2011You are awesome.
8/22/2011Tells the same lies over and over agains attmepting to damage Ron Paul
8/19/2011Im so glad your not stupid.Ron pual is a mason SHILL
8/18/2011Spreads the truth.
8/18/2011Nice ass
8/17/2011Spamming GLP on every Ron Paul thread
8/17/2011Ron Paul Shill, and not even a good one at that.
8/16/2011For being an ANTI-Ron Paul SHILL
8/16/2011Dissing the Ron and being a defeatist
8/16/2011Excellent comment!
8/16/2011For a pretty funny/sexy avatar
8/16/2011Cat never hits the target
8/16/2011Hurr durr
8/16/2011Ron Paul is NOT A FUCKING FREEMASON, douchebag! Stop posting lies
8/16/2011Spreading lies and misinformation.
8/16/2011Slandering Ron Paul based on Hand Signs and Handshakes, i.e. NO REAL EVIDENCE
8/15/2011Love your avatar! Always makes me smile!
8/14/2011Annoying repetitive attacks against rp, has an agenda
8/14/2011Keep telling the TRUTH
8/13/2011Great informative post regarding symblogy in thread
8/13/2011Snake actually gives good advice when he's not super hating
8/13/2011Another Great Post
8/12/2011Forever a downer. Nothing is ever real.
8/12/2011Great insight
8/12/2011Learn how to be nice and love your felow Americans!..
8/12/2011Shill, communist, using rhetoric to sell a book of disinformation
8/12/2011You gotta give a reason?
8/12/2011Test fier on a decent poster
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