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antikythera's Karma

Total: 84 (77  User Votes + 7  Thread Reports) and 17

3/17/2012Enlightenment for sale! ~ Rhombus
2/7/2012For sharing my sentiments on Monsanto. Missouri Foxtrotter
1/25/2012A real douchebag
11/8/2011Friend list
11/7/2011For my Epic Win Agreement : ) - Spittin'Cesium.
11/4/2011The wolves among you will devour the sheep.
11/4/2011Bringing back parenting would - LOL
11/3/2011Have you repaired the flux capacitor
11/3/2011Pointless & unecessary foul language
11/2/2011Thanks for the tobacco suggestion!
10/31/2011Nice video
10/30/2011Solar death
10/27/2011Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
10/23/2011For posting the levitation video first. Had I seen it on the 20th, it would have been pinned. - Wonkish
10/13/2011Have fun
10/12/2011So your work on DA.. Lovely - yamaniac
10/8/2011Pennywise is watchin' YOU! bwahahahahahahaha :)
10/8/2011Karma from atomic811
10/7/2011Loved your response about mac owners-inptx
10/7/2011Lawn chairs and beer, sounds like a good afternoon to me.
10/5/2011Someone who actually has some common sense about global issues. Not a paul tard. ~Lovelight420
10/5/2011Damn right mate. All pollies are nothing but tools. Shits me that more people can't see this. .13
10/4/2011For the smooth jazz Nyan Cat!! LMFAO. ZP
9/29/2011Fellow Tsoukalonian! - Too Dark Park
9/29/2011Nice avatar pic
9/29/2011More like FOR freedom of speech.
9/29/2011Against freedom of speech
9/29/2011Good answer
9/29/2011For the fire ants comment
9/29/2011Great commercial laughted my ass off.
9/29/2011Keeping it alive!!!!
9/28/2011Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
9/26/2011Has verve
9/26/2011Great pics thanks mr2
9/26/2011AW Man your avatar kicks some serious ass!
9/25/2011Kick ass wallpaper of DooM! Thanks.
9/24/2011Prime cool avatar. Nice work
9/22/2011World doesn't work the way you dream
9/22/2011Good Vedio
9/22/2011Haarp is really just the government playing dubstep to aliens- Bathtub Shitter
9/22/2011Reported Abusive Post
9/20/2011Awesome artwork!
9/20/2011Very funny, morale must be increased on the spaceship., this does the trick.
9/19/2011For the tonberry
9/19/2011Hahahaaaaaa. wilcock/fulford. (from BrutusForce)
9/17/2011For being an idiot
9/16/2011For....Chuck Testa! ~BlueMind
9/15/2011Nibiru Taxidermy!
9/15/2011Nope...just Chuck Testa. Love, Acadian
9/15/2011True artist, telling it like it is.
9/15/2011The Truth will soon be revealed to all. Including U!
9/15/2011Hooker inspection HIGHLARIOUS----foodho​ardergunfanatic
9/14/2011Reported Abusive Post
9/13/2011Funny post. "my dog is asleep"
9/13/2011Good karma to you just for sharing the tap dancing man Haha! kc
9/13/2011I like ffxi...
9/13/2011Your art. :bonghit:
9/12/2011Conspiracy karma
9/12/2011Karma for Freeman... just tune to GLPVC here in the Fall
9/12/2011Dont like you
9/12/2011Fuck Off Dick Head Ducati60
9/11/2011Because your woodcarvings are simply outstanding and genius-level work - STT
9/9/2011Good karma for clever lols and pointing out religo absurdity
9/9/2011Judge not
9/9/2011Cat lover :) Kristine Tammy Marie
9/8/2011No reason, ravenous rant
9/6/2011Run, Forrest, RUN!!!!
8/31/2011For the prairie dog vid lol ~TheBroker~
8/31/2011Great interview +1
8/31/2011GOD and Jesus love you.
8/29/2011Cheers mate, well said
8/29/2011Cylo Serious was here!
8/29/2011The only idiot here is you ;)
8/29/2011Nice links..dick.
8/29/2011Thanks for this important story OP
8/28/2011Waiting to wait...
8/27/2011But will it blend?
8/27/2011Just because, even though you are from Arkansas, greetings from Gregory House
8/23/2011Thanks for the pic
8/23/2011Torncanocaneaquakeanu​keometsteroidunami, nuff said lol.
8/19/2011Reported Copyright Violation
8/19/2011Cause your last image wasn't seizure inducing!
8/19/2011So you did. seizure on bud
8/17/2011Use of seizure inducing image
8/15/2011For telling it like it is....B.H.

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