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chipg's Karma

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12/24/2011Merry Christmas. RayGun
12/22/2011This is so you cheer up, lotza luv....Gem....And dont take the net so personal. Dont let it tare you down. You have a good heart rely on that fact.
12/20/2011He loves you- Sleeping Giant
12/20/2011No, it does not die.
12/17/2011You are a false one, quit
12/17/2011You're my hero- from cahier thread- because parents sell their time with their children for material things and women trade their childrens' lives to be with some loser man. true. ladulc
12/16/2011Get a life
12/14/2011Very strong faith
12/8/2011Blessings to you! - Lisa :)
12/8/2011From Tiger to Chipg
12/5/2011For being a complete and utter arsewipe who just will not admit they are wrong and are being deceived
12/4/2011I agree..Innervoice is channeling legion. Carol B.
12/4/2011For your responses on innervoices thread, he's channeling legion.
12/2/2011Good post!...indiandave
11/30/2011I'm still waiting on this pecker head to tell me who the christ is? NOT YOU(~)... < Peace be with You(~) > Love is the answer, not religion
11/30/2011For speaking out against Verichip - Dease
11/27/2011Thanks alexj9
11/21/2011Meek and most of the ime humble guy
11/20/2011False Prophet .
11/17/2011Zing! WalkersEverywhere
11/17/2011Megalithicme (kelly) was here
11/17/2011You too will be butt ugly if you are not already that is
11/17/2011You get off to lying to a bunch of people eh? Sicko
11/14/2011Thank you for the kind words and support!
11/14/2011Failed prophet
11/11/2011Karma for you....Being Mindful
11/11/2011I love you - Lisa:)
11/10/2011Ego maniac, very hypocritical
11/10/2011Shut the fuck up you phony false idiot
11/4/2011"the evolution's are stupid" that statement doesn't even make sense jackass. It would be evolutionists. But regardless you are still an idiot.
11/2/2011For spreading fear
11/2/2011Shut the fuck up Chip for everybody's sake!
11/1/2011Sorry, but predictions should not be thrown around here. thanks.
11/1/2011Epic Fail
11/1/2011Raj patel? lmao
11/1/2011False prophet and false witness :(
10/31/2011Pray about your experiences, and know that I love you! - Lisa:)
10/31/2011Tremendous faggotry and being a lying cunt. Also not man enough to admit you're wrong.
10/31/2011Stupid nonsense lies
10/29/2011I like you Chip but Im sorry you messed up big time this time, I wish you the best
10/28/2011Hang in there, Chip! Praying for you! :)
10/26/2011Are you Mr Campping's GLP version ?
10/26/2011I believe you Chip! Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Blessings to you and your family. ~Vesper33~
10/26/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
10/25/2011Intruiged....Sleeping​ Giant
10/24/2011Chip, I am on your side. And I was born on a 7th.
10/22/20111 ci. 95
10/21/2011Calling the raise in the DOW (usmc0369)
10/21/2011Hi Chip karma for you.... Being Mindful can you please share how we can avoid the chip?
10/18/2011Thanks for doing God's will
10/18/2011We might not agree, but I still love you! - Lisa:)
10/14/2011I believe you! Bless you
10/13/2011Israel is the devil you dumb fuck. 6 Pointed 6 Lined 6 Sided shape in the middle star right in your STUPID FACE!
10/12/2011For someone connected to Angels your words are uplifting, refreshing and inspire hope that everyone on this planet isn't lost or out of it. THank you chip Namaste in la kech and God bless you
10/11/2011I believe the very fast part
10/11/2011I see you with -1 of Karma, so this +1 is to restore your balance.- Fabian
10/9/2011Your ego and blind misleading of others is frightening. I hope when Oct 31 comes and passes without incident you will look deep within youself.
10/9/2011For your efforts. -Seer
10/9/2011Thug Cat.
10/8/2011I can not give any more details at this time.
10/8/2011I still love you Chip! Blessings! - Lisa:)
10/8/2011Interesting thread, can you provide more info? I wish to keep my family safe. 28m
10/7/2011Fag story teller
10/7/2011Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
10/7/2011Nut Job
10/7/2011Seems upset about something
10/7/2011Good post.. I hate the FEMA camp/Rex84 camps.. They scare me
10/7/2011If you had a date, you would give it
10/4/2011Another tard who thinks he's special lol
10/3/2011Thanks for posting.
9/12/2011You're going to need a bigger boat.
9/12/2011Strength buddy... nev
9/5/2011Just sending you a lil love, gem ~+~@
9/4/2011Having courage to post about Monday
9/2/2011Good guy .
8/22/2011He's been debunked
8/14/2011Just cause he is a good guy
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