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xen's Karma

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2/4/2012V :)
2/3/2012Good for stating re Slovenia...Chas
2/3/2012Heaps of love from tauranga
2/1/2012Interesting info on reincarnation - teschen
1/31/2012From pink cat for arcturus!
1/31/2012You awesome. -Seer
1/29/2012Enjoy your threads - ANHEDONIC
1/29/2012Nice work xen! ~Silent Wind
1/29/2012Yay from Cygnus
1/29/2012Good guy
1/29/2012Good for you xen. very brave ~Una~
1/29/2012Good luck
1/29/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
1/28/2012Thanks me!!!!:Brian8888
1/27/2012Just because you deserve one :)
1/25/2012Love from tauranga xoxo
1/25/2012Thanks for the reincarnation info and thread -jessme2
1/24/2012Such conscientious replies, impressed.
1/24/2012Fuck those guys. i love reading your Reincarnation Cycle post - IamSawyer
1/24/2012To a friend :) Jilly23810
1/24/2012Thank you, this answers a few questions I had
1/24/2012Nice Post
1/24/2012Thanks! - red kharma
1/21/2012For being you~Luna
1/20/2012V :)
1/15/2012Good karma! drive by from pink cat :)
1/15/2012Love and thank you..tauranga
1/13/2012Very Helpful!
1/11/2012Blaze: I'm back!
1/7/2012From pink cat
1/6/2012Lojue and thanks frm tauranga xo
1/4/2012All the best in the New Year! Madame X
1/3/2012Xen - damn. Borian
1/2/2012Thanks for your very insightful posts on the apparitions thread. Thanks! ~ RTS
1/1/2012Amazing answer on twin flame thread. -Seer777
12/30/2011Love you, Xen!!! JustUs/LisaMarie
12/29/2011Thanks xen xo, holy shit that monster never gives up
12/28/2011To a fellow rain lover....God bless you - Dease
12/24/2011Merry Christmas and a Happy Green Year :) Christine
12/23/2011From Apollo
12/23/2011Love you, Xen!!! =) JustUs/LisaMarie
12/22/2011Karbored bok good house, very chip
12/22/2011Thanks for being serious and for participating in the Gate Keeper thread. - Vulcan4
12/22/2011Don't be fooled by the DEMON calling itself innervoice222 - your salvation is at risk if you follow him
12/21/2011Love from tauranga xo
12/20/2011Thanks for restoring my faith in Oz ~Luna
12/19/2011Just cuz - Turtle
12/16/2011Keir Dullea karma from Bowman!
12/14/2011Blaze: Gotta go for now....i'll try to be on early AM here...in abt 10 hrs or so. Laters!!
12/13/2011JustUs/Lisa Marie
12/11/2011Go Zen, -- Bioruab
12/11/2011Much love from tauranga xo
12/9/2011Acts Of Thomas :)
12/8/2011Spreading some Cheer !! Blessings to you Xen =) Fringe
12/8/2011Good karma day - Southgaia
12/5/2011I am working with arcturus intuitively. thanks u for info....pink cat
12/4/2011From Gaia....
12/3/2011Love frm tauranga..xo
12/2/2011Fist bump. --B
11/26/2011Love from tauranga xx
11/25/2011Whats new downUnder? Much love 11.11.11
11/22/2011To xen frum Brian ; because I am you
11/22/2011For being helpful and so unique! :-)
11/17/2011Much love from your nz sister
11/13/2011For being a kind person. People like you just made my day!! Best wishes from Japan :)
11/11/2011For your wisdom and support - Pharista :)
11/8/2011Thanks for the good work!
10/27/2011With love. ~Danasa
10/25/2011For Eagle wisdom :)
10/23/2011Thank you and nice to meet you..tauranga
10/22/2011Someone with brains *dirty.d
10/21/2011What a powerful and beautiful message! thank you so much. love to you always ~ DiXie
10/19/2011Thank you SO much for your offerings on healing, and your kind words!
10/18/2011With love.
10/16/2011Helping indentifying the symbol!
10/13/2011"if you are your spirit you did choose" Great post! Much love 11.11.11
10/11/2011Fkn Muppets!
10/11/2011Knows the truth - Rickster58
10/11/2011Thank you!
10/5/2011Penguin vid where it was getting hunted by orchas and it jumped into a small boat. - Thanns for your post! much love from 11.11.11
10/3/2011I like your avatar.
10/2/2011For contributing info
10/2/2011Xen? from Texas by any chance? -- Borian
10/1/2011"If Someone is Ignorant of Arcturus"
9/30/2011Peace mate "LAL"
9/29/2011For being you...thank you for visiting my thread. LL
9/26/2011From Apollo Illuminaughty
9/25/2011Karma from Astrochik
9/23/2011Great thread!!
9/23/2011Good info of some kind.
9/23/2011Karma for shit hawks TPB rules - AK Prole
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