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xen's Karma

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9/22/2011Xen is the best!!!
9/21/2011Rise up!:Revguard
9/20/2011Very informative and kind
9/20/2011I wish people like u didn't live so far away. Thank you for your wonderful insight <3
9/20/2011For taking the time
9/19/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
9/19/2011Great information, Thank you!!
9/19/2011Great info
9/19/2011A 'true', better than truth, Paece brother/sister. Thanks. Good eye too, man that's max.
9/17/2011For great success
9/11/2011Touché ....amplified2
9/10/2011For the healing. :)
9/10/2011Greetings from Gregory House.
9/10/2011Very wise, indeed
9/10/2011Great thread, printed out the new colors--thank you!
9/9/2011Great post!
9/9/2011Excellrnt threads
9/9/2011For looking within...
9/9/2011Thanks for a Fascinating Thread ~ Jane Smith
9/9/2011Very encouraging
9/9/2011Tks .. nevpfra
9/9/2011Fantastic info!
9/9/2011Keep bringing it! <3
9/9/2011Thanks for makin me think! kc
9/9/2011Hi there Xen, greeting from Germany - Rose of Sharon
9/9/2011You are awesome
9/9/2011Cat lover :) Kristine Tammy Marie
9/8/2011No reason, ravenous rant
9/8/2011Dynomite Posting!
9/5/2011Profound opinion
9/5/2011CCause I'm mad as hell and I'm not gonna take this any more!
9/5/2011Only idiots use the word "shill" against others that are smarter or more clever than themselves!
9/1/2011Thank you for helping me and my faimy and sharing your info - astrochik
8/30/2011Thank you for replying and trying to help xen. IAmSawyer
8/29/2011Only good GLP PIN today
8/29/2011From orbz with love.
8/28/2011Thanks for your help and because you talk to yourself, like me.
8/28/2011You're funny
8/22/2011Nice person
8/21/2011Props for Chiron thread
8/21/2011Thank you for your beautiful story Warrior...nature "sees" you.
8/21/2011For a fellow countryman in the bush.
8/21/2011Some good karma for a good person. :) oRbZ.
8/18/2011Great chiron/elenin thread
8/16/2011The OG
8/16/2011I like your posts. It is clear they are from the heart and written with love. ~Sandi
8/12/2011Ka-tet. We are well met.
8/12/2011Xen is the best!
8/12/2011Liked his/her post
8/12/2011Excellent, thought-provoking comment.
8/12/2011Right on the money
8/12/2011Thoughtful reply. not a dick.
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