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drinking buddy's Karma

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6/27/2020Love your posts...Toprance
6/27/2020Howdy, DB! jt210
6/25/2020Good job parenting. Thanks for sharing. Nine's
6/25/2020Rewind passing through ; )
6/23/2020Way way OVERdue for green! My bad! xo - Grey Eagle
6/23/2020JukeBox GREEN from way out west [**]D CHEERS -DV
6/22/2020To lovely <3 drinking buddy <3 To my wonderful gemini twin DB <3. Much love & peace & always best wishes your way for the week ahead. Fraust66 xoxo
6/21/2020Sunday evening jukebox green from SB :-)
6/19/2020Wishing you a nice weekend db :) - Sir Tim
6/18/2020REO Keep on Rollin! Timeless! xo Sloane
6/18/2020Thursday Green !!!! Anotherone
6/18/2020Rewind was here.. : ) and <3<3
6/17/2020Cheers to you DB and thank you! Intune
6/17/2020Hi DB! You always have great tunes xoxo sseess
6/15/2020Blessings xo Ricky M
6/15/2020Green FTW. karma. B.Master
6/15/2020Hugs. nice hightops Billy
6/15/2020I just love the music you post...Toprance
6/14/2020To lovely <3 drinking buddy <3 Best wishes & much love to wonderful you DB <3 Always welcoming & kind of heart & soul. Fraust66 xoxo
6/13/2020You ma'am, have excellent taste in music! :) Wayfinder
6/11/2020Hi there DB...midweek (ish) jb greens all round...Swearbox
6/11/2020Rewind was here <3 .. : )
6/9/2020Grey Eagle was here (& busy lately)! - GE
6/9/2020Good green good buddy
6/8/2020Hey,I owe you stuff..Pooch
6/8/2020Missed your reply in the JB<3, great to see you -gleich
6/7/2020Hi Green from Anotherone
6/7/2020Karma roll. B.Master
6/7/2020Sunday green for my good friend xoxo sseess
6/7/2020To lovely <3 drinking buddy <3 best wishes & much love from here. Always a pleasure to post with. Keep safe & well DB <3. Fraust66 xoxo
6/7/2020DB I love your plumbing <3 [**]D CHEERS -DV
6/6/2020Kindness - it's the most important part of a person - and you have it in spades. Sloane xo
6/5/2020Helo ! Hermit all the best !
6/5/2020Jukebox green to you! Wayfinder
6/4/2020Great selections rock on
6/3/2020Be well friend <3 .. rewind : )
5/31/2020Very nice to see you in jb :) - Sir Tim
5/31/2020To lovely <3 drinking buddy <3 Much love sent your way DB <3 Always best wishes too. Fraust66 xoxo
5/31/2020Jukebox love <3bfree
5/30/2020JukeBox GREEN for drinking buddy [**]D CHEERS -DV
5/30/2020For the love of music...Toprance
5/30/2020Green love for you sweetie xoxo sseess
5/30/2020<3<3<3 -gleich
5/30/2020Reported Abusive Post
5/30/2020Reported Abusive Post
5/29/2020Hi brinking dubby...pOOCXH
5/29/2020Back at ya pal...jukebox green from SB :-)
5/27/2020Always good to see you in the jb. Wayfinder
5/25/2020Hope you are enjoying the holiday ! Soup
5/25/2020Rewind was here .. : )
5/25/2020Hahaha, yeah it's a silly thread, so it deserves silly replies lol - Love Goddess!
5/24/2020Bottoms up! jt210
5/23/2020To lovely <3 drinking buddy <3 Much love sent from her Gemini twin from Norn Iron. Keep safe & well . Fraust66 xoxo
5/23/2020Always such a pleasure to see your posts. Sending you love and hugs across the ocean, Mezzo : )
5/23/2020Love your post on beautiful things! Warm perfect strawberries are like tasting the beauty of all creation ~Fluffy Pancakes
5/22/2020YOU BEEN DRINKIN!? Jukebox GREEN [**]D CHEERS -DV
5/22/2020A beer for ya drinking buddy...Luv Pooch
5/22/2020Thanks for spinning it.. music.. mouse..
5/22/2020Love and hugs sent your way...Toprance
5/19/2020Green for you! Hope all is well xoxo sseess
5/18/2020Cheers and some beer.. rewind : )
5/17/2020Hi! hope all is well ! Soup
5/17/2020I've a feeling you'd be a blast to drink with!! :) Always fun to see you in the jb! Wayfinder
5/16/2020To awesome <3 drinking buddy <3 To my Gemini twin <3 Much love & best wishes to you always. Keep safe & well. Fraust66 xoxo
5/15/2020Green ass from BM
5/15/2020Love ya! xo Ricky M
5/13/2020For the music...Toprance
5/11/2020Thanks for spinning it for me.. music.. mouse..
5/11/2020Jukebox greeeeen!
5/11/2020Ride it out .. rewind : )
5/11/2020Every day is a learning day <3 -gleich
5/10/2020Green karma coming right up! - Grey Eagle
5/9/2020What the fuck Chuck GREEN for DB [**]D CHEERS -DV
5/9/2020JB green...Swearbox :-)
5/9/2020To awesome <3 drinking buddy <3 Kindest heart & gentle soul. Much love to you always DB <3. Fraust66 xoxo
5/8/2020Crow funeral! Lance from BC
5/7/2020Green for you ! Soup
5/7/2020Hope all is well! Wayfinder
5/6/2020Jukebox love to You! <3bfree
5/4/2020Oregon green for db xoxo sseess
5/4/2020Thank you hugs no bugs .. rewind : )
5/3/2020Jukebox greeeen, fractals
5/3/2020J box greats
5/3/2020I am glad to hear it *thumbs up*. Everything can teach, especially things that need no words, in my humble opinion<3 -gleich
5/2/2020Hi drinking buddy...Pooch
5/2/2020Karma roll. B.Master
5/2/2020To awesome <3 drinking buddy <3 Kind of heart & gentle in soul. Always best wishes from here to you DB <3. Love & peace. Fraust66 xoxo
5/1/2020For the music...Toprance
5/1/2020Love Ellusion :)
4/29/2020Hi, happy you like my crazy music:)
4/29/2020Thanks! - Gen
4/28/2020Hey there DB...jukebox green...Swearbox
4/27/2020Thanks for the warm jukebox welcome. Wayfinder
4/26/2020Selling the bike blues .. rewind : )
4/26/2020Acknowledgement of my presence and welcoming me to GLP
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