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drinking buddy's Karma

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4/1/2021Puppy breath kisses for everyone
4/1/2021It will be nice for all to get together and share some Brewzskis my friend. Cheers...CUBz :)
4/1/2021Much love and big hugs to you my dear DB. You are the sweetest. Things are looking up today. Stay beautiful. Mezzo : )
3/31/2021Hi dear! you trip me me out with your ability and care of rescues...xxoo
3/30/2021Cheers :)
3/30/2021Thank you Db for your last karma msg, hope you are right, you certainly illuminate my days as well:) -gleich
3/30/2021Makes me smile from the inside out, latvia
3/29/2021Sending Karma Love! ~ Simple27 :)
3/29/2021For being such a kind and loving person...Toprance
3/29/2021Happy Monday afternoon...the sun is shining finally...Swearbox :-)
3/29/2021Have an absolutely fantastic week ahead dear DB! - Love Goddess<3
3/28/2021Air-drop green from a high-flying eagle! - Grey Eagle
3/28/2021JB green! KipKat :)
3/28/2021So happy to have met you! Paranoiaaaaa
3/27/2021For you! I'm proud to be your friend. ~ 5lats
3/27/2021Half Past Midnight
3/26/2021We will not go quietly! [**]D CHEERS -DV
3/26/2021Weekend Greenage :) Rock that box DB Billy boots
3/26/2021Jukebox love and best wishes for a beautiful weekend <3bfree
3/26/2021Blessings to you! - zzcat
3/26/2021To dear DB <3 A virtual hug & kiss sent across the sea to my best twin & much love & peace too. She is kindness incarnate. xoxoxox
3/25/2021Night night~Marco
3/25/2021A spring concerto of love around your feet. pool
3/25/2021"Truth is not that which is demonstrable but that which is ineluctable." -- Saint-Exupery, Night Flight (Big hugs from Happy in Nature)
3/24/2021Awesomeness.... ~Bodhi
3/23/2021Some weekday Green ! xxoo . Soup
3/23/2021Have a great day JUKEBOX greens...Cheers CUBz :)
3/23/2021Love you db and appredciate you thinking of me. Working on getting my groove back, like you said 'crazy days'. Love, Sloane
3/22/2021Monday Geen for drinking buddy. Grateful for all the cheer you shat to everyone.
3/22/2021Springtime green for the most amazing woman I know xoxo sseess
3/22/2021Db Needs no 'splanashunz 4 Green
3/22/2021Thank you so much for the thread sweetheart. You are truly an exceptional human being, in the most beautiful sense of the word. Much love and big hugs to you! Mezzo : )
3/22/2021Have a good week! ~ ItsMaKa2
3/21/2021For the Mezzo thread, Isis One
3/21/2021You have such a loving heart. Thank you for letting us know about our dear Mezzo...Toprance
3/21/2021Posted a thread that was pinned
3/21/2021This lady right here, is the coolest chick on GLP! Love Goddess
3/21/2021Keep up the good work & have a wonderful weekend, my friend ! ...(Moses born again)...
3/20/2021Half Past Midnight
3/19/2021Thanks for the elven compliment :)
3/19/2021Happy Friday...minus 7 but won't be for long...Swearbox :-)
3/19/2021Keep God in your heart, and karma in your pocket! ~ 5lats
3/18/2021Sweet friday to ya. pool
3/18/2021Hugs from Paranoiaaaaa!
3/18/2021To dear DB <3 best wishes & much love & peace headed your way dear twin. Hope to visit you in your kitchen soon. xoxoxox
3/18/2021Your weekly green Miss!, you are the best Db, don't you forget it :D <3 -gleich
3/18/2021A green hug for a beautiful soul. xoxo antitech
3/18/2021JukeBox GREEN Antibodies [**]D CHEERS -DV
3/18/2021"I had the epiphany that laughter was light, and light was laughter, and that this was the secret of the universe." - Donna Tartt, The Goldfinch (Happy in Nature)
3/17/2021Thank you, feels really comfy here (: <3 -terra
3/17/2021Good to see you as always!! h&b
3/17/2021Green from Serenity Now :)
3/17/2021Good words (Daydrinking for Pleasure and Profit) Bandito del Cielo
3/17/2021Wait a minute! How come you weren't in my buddies?!?! You need GREEN stat! - Louis in Richmond
3/16/2021Jukebox love from T-man :D
3/16/2021Happy Green for you ! Soup
3/15/2021Thanks for bringing positive vibes! - way
3/14/2021Baby goat green (wild edibles)
3/14/2021Haha, you write the best karma! Happy Sunday!!! Love Goddess
3/13/2021Green :) Nice boots
3/13/2021Good weekend green to you - zzcat
3/13/2021So grateful for your company, latvia
3/12/2021I like neil youngs tunes / the crow
3/12/2021Have a wonderful weekend, db! xoxo sseess
3/11/2021Mean green vaccine! ~ 5lats
3/11/2021Green - Half Past Midnight
3/11/2021To dear DB <3 Much love & peace to my best twin & guiding light. Sending a virtual hug & kiss too you from FEServices. xoxo
3/10/2021Serve yourself a nice chunk of steak every week!! ;) pool
3/9/2021Radical Face Doorways!
3/8/2021For sharing your life with us. Beautiful you are. Sloane
3/8/2021JukeBox GREEN if ya know what I mean.. [**]D CHEERS -DV
3/7/2021Sending Love! ~ Simple27 :)
3/7/2021DB! Could use a DB! LOL Peace~Lou Czar wuzz heer
3/7/2021Love your babies - beautiful :) h&b
3/7/2021Have some green for your snowy white landscape <3 :) -gleich
3/7/20211000 Blessings for your strength and your Heart!!! ~Bodhi
3/7/2021Nicest green to you! - way
3/7/2021Tx for the tip...AllFalllDown
3/7/2021The feeling is mutual! Hope you're having a fun filled weekend over there. Lots of love from Love Goddess!
3/6/2021If we couldn't laugh, we would all go insane." - Robert Frost Biggest hugs from the jungle. xoxo
3/6/2021Caturday green! Paranoiaaaaa
3/5/2021Weekend green! And virtual hugs. - Louis in Richmond
3/5/2021Friday green...here's to the weekend... Swearbox :-)
3/5/2021Taking a break - weird people right now - hugs to you - zzcat
3/5/2021Sending you happy green for the weekend! xoxo sseess
3/4/2021To dear DB <3 Much love & peace to my dear twin soul <3 Kind of heart & gentle of soul <3 Lots of love from the bad twin. xoxo
3/3/2021Green for dear DB ! Soup
3/3/2021Half Past Midnight
3/3/2021Free. pool
3/2/2021It's that time again! ~ 5lats
3/1/2021Keep shining your light my dear DB. You are absolutely awesome. Have a beautiful week ahead! Much love and big hugs, Mezzo : )
2/28/2021Love and blessings to you and yours <3bfree
2/27/2021Cheers, and good wishes to you. LTHN.
2/27/2021I love and appreciate you! Sloane
2/27/2021Good to see you DB! Hope all is well! btw - getting like 4 eggs a day!
2/27/2021Have a great weekend, my friend ! ...(Moses)...
2/27/2021Cheers -M
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