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PhellowEarthling's Karma

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1/22/2023You won the ability to shine a light, your unique light. Lovely comment MySoul
1/6/2022Thanks for contributing to my vaccine and mask parody thread. -Blonde Goddess
5/2/2020Green from
11/1/2019Sorry for duplicating your Jim Key thread. Cool story though! akaSuzanne
1/29/2019Hope you are doing well1 Paranoiaaaaa
1/10/2019Green from this Littlepixie for your NZ earthquake warning thread.
12/19/2018THe story of the ORcas
11/15/2018I just couldn't resist your avatar. Wonderful. Sloane
11/15/2018Hugs & kisses. Paranoiaaaaa
10/10/2018Green For You! ~ ItsMaKa2
10/10/2018I appreciate your November astrology thread. ~ RenaissanceWoman
10/10/2018Posted a thread that was pinned
9/27/2018Oh the exciting times we had! lol Nice to hear from ya. Paranoiaaaaa
9/22/2018Love and hugs
8/26/2018Hey phriend..phrom ~T~
8/11/2018Hello from Paranoiaaaaa!
8/7/2018Volcano thread, your posts often teach me new things ~ monkeyflower
8/6/2018Thanks for all the Hawaii updates - from RefreshPage
8/4/2018Phrom ~T~
8/3/2018Always up for some pyroporn :) Paranoiaaaaa
8/2/2018From nkjeep, thanks for all you do
7/26/2018Here's to more hot pulsating surges & explosions (of lava) in our future. Paranoiaaaaa
7/25/2018Phor phe phrom ~T~
7/24/2018Volcano inphormation
7/24/2018Greenage phor a phellow volcanophile/REMJR1
7/24/2018Volcano thread, thanks for all you do ~ monkeyflower
7/24/2018Green phor Hawaii thread - phrom RefreshPage
7/21/2018Thanks for all your work on the volcano thread! Gyro Geargoose
7/21/2018Pele is a false god - one of the fallen angels sent to deceive
7/20/2018Cool avatar, me likey -iSwear
7/16/2018Volcano thread, thanks ~ monkeyflower
7/16/2018From ~T~
7/13/2018Well arn't you just a ray of sunshine. lol mondali2 take care
7/13/2018Here's to more hto orgasmic pyroclastic porn! Paranoiaaaaa
7/12/2018Hawaii vulcan
7/9/2018Thank you for all of your help on the Hawaii thread!/REMJR1
7/9/2018Thanks for the sense of humor from Crazy H- re volcano thread
7/8/2018Volcano thread ~ monkeyflower <3
7/6/2018Thanks fot transcribing PDF and all your other awesome info! --Light Bulb
7/5/2018From a fellow pyroporn lover! Oh my! Paranoiaaaaa!
7/4/2018From ~T~
7/1/2018Earthquakes thanks from crazy h
7/1/2018For your work on the thread
7/1/2018Love the Avatar picture. Starbird
6/30/2018Thanks for all your hard work-Bastetcat
6/30/2018Greenage for you my fellow volcanotard/REMJR1 aka Use your brian, moran!
6/30/2018You are back to the volcano thread- YAY!! Gyro Geargoose
6/30/2018Thanks for the updates! :) eV3y
6/27/2018All the good info you post on volcano thread ~ monkeyflower :)
6/27/2018Back at you! :) Paranoiaaaaa
6/27/2018Thanjs for pointing out Rose8's prediction--Light Bulb
6/26/2018Thanks FE best to you and yours
6/23/2018T~ love
6/20/2018Hawai’i thread
6/19/2018More green for great posts! Paranoiaaaaa
6/19/2018For your posts on your volcano thread ~ monkeyflower
6/11/2018Great post! Paranoiaaaaa
6/6/2018Appreciate your attitude and intelligence. lightbulb
6/6/2018Great post thank you Master Jedi
5/18/2018Green for excellent caption entry! Congrats! O'sCookie
2/23/2018Thanks for the reminder
11/3/2017Good green for you. Deplorable Azila_Again
8/13/2017Green up - ElleMira
2/18/2017Cool cloud waves bro
9/18/2016"Attempted murder" :) strgzr
8/26/2016Fuck the IRD - The Comedian
6/10/2016Wow. " ‘If I dig any deeper I’ll come out beyond The other side.’ :-) morgan
2/6/2016It's what you offer....true....grum​pier
9/23/2015Hiya from ~T~ xx
9/14/2015Hiya how are you, love from ~T~ xx
9/7/2015Hiya from ~T~ xx
8/25/2015Love from ~T~ xxx
7/14/2015Tour Guide
7/14/2015Posted a thread that was pinned
6/30/2015Green for being the first. I was beginning to think that nobody was going to catch it! ....411
6/19/2015Steven marks ...thanks....grumpier​
6/18/2015Kiwi green. TPU....petitroche
6/2/2015Green kindness - Lionels Love
5/15/2015Was that you? I think it was ; ) Shiva
5/14/2015Green for you. Interesting thread.
5/14/2015Nice thread -Lionels Love
4/12/2015Tour Guide
3/19/2015Big hello from ~T~ xx
3/11/2015Thank you for your kindness. :)
11/8/2014Sunday greetings from ~T~ xx
10/31/2014Hiya enjoying a gorgeous day here, from ~T~ xx
10/24/2014Glorious day here, hope you have the same, from ~T~ xx
10/17/2014I wish you well - Mercury11
10/16/2014For your awesome readings, from ~T~ xx
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