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1/19/2019For getting it about ITIN #s - FlyOver
1/18/2019MUCH love and respect from LilMiss
1/18/2019Starbird flew by
1/16/2019Love your posts Loup .... reading the pucklosie cancelled the SOTU - Lilopin
1/16/2019Hamberder...Lance from BC...good insight!
1/16/2019Specific empiric
1/16/2019Greenage! Wedge5th
1/16/2019Thanks for posting in my rothschile thread, Let's share some green :) Have a very happy new year, from savcash
1/14/2019Brother's keeper. fs
1/14/2019Braggs is great for preventing illness! Paranoiaaaaa
1/14/2019Curry nosher :-)
1/14/2019TY for sharing Your knowlege of current and past political facts...beenthruthat.​..
1/13/2019Truth seeker - xenophon
1/12/2019From ralph--a house dog
1/12/2019Explosion-prrof Volkswagen recognition. - Louis in Richmond
1/12/2019I dig your style! - Kenny
1/12/2019Nice prayer. Sloane
1/11/2019Cop hating scum
1/10/2019Where is the money.strongman shelford
1/10/2019Posted a thread that was pinned
1/10/2019Great comments on RGB thread. Thanks man....ChivalryKnight​
1/10/2019Nice thread yesterday on the fence... KAN DAEK
1/10/2019Enough with this "fair use" picture BS. Relax dude!
1/10/2019Posted a thread that was pinned
1/10/2019Bush scam
1/9/2019Good reminders re: Pelosi/Schumer can't serve 2 masters US/Israel. -IW
1/9/2019Allah ackbar
1/8/2019Thanks for posting the Austria thread, never seen it before! Sincerely, the darkshadaow
1/8/2019It is the great revealing....
1/8/2019Thanks, pool
1/7/2019Easy to spot big pharma shills. Fuck off!
1/7/2019Keep your opinnions to yourself
1/6/2019Thanks for posting Trump’s text of Jan. 4– Light Bulb
1/6/2019What a prick.
1/5/2019Eagle green ~ Where Eagles Dare
1/3/2019Excellent posts. - Mr.Glass1441441
1/3/2019Great post on AMENDMENT XIV. 6 and happy new year....TBG
1/1/2019Doom ON Baby! Happy New year!...saved
1/1/2019A-1 sauce, best laugh of the day, grin, happy new year, savcash
12/30/2018Happy New Years...Lance from BC...Haven't seen you in a bit. Cheers. My Best to you
12/26/2018Adopt a highway. genius.
12/25/2018Thanks for your awesome participation on my moonrise thread. Happy Holidays! --Fist McKraken
12/24/2018Top quality soul ~thinking...
12/24/2018Here's hoping you have a Great Christmas mate - curry nosher :-)
12/23/2018Torchie green hay
12/23/2018Merry Christmas to you and yours! Coolone
12/23/2018Bumps ancient Fake News Articles - Idiot
12/23/2018First time 'I may be onto something' Thanks ;)
12/23/2018For recgnizing the truth of the tsunami. Good Job. Wabbit
12/22/2018Saturday Greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee​eeeeeeen! ~ WyatteSmith
12/20/2018"Say WHEN" - Louis in Richmond
12/19/2018I love you snowman Christmas avatar. Wondering Mind
12/19/2018Like your way of thinking-sot
12/19/2018Flagging you as one star bandit....you've been tagged lol
12/19/2018Lurcher 1.. Good comment- Merry Frigging Christmas!
12/18/2018That being said....I can and do wish people a blessed, safe and warm winter season otherwise. Os76.
12/16/2018Qreenage rounds Lance from BC
12/16/2018You smell like dick again
12/16/201810 MEGATONS of Christmas Green.. THE GRAND AMERICAN INQUISIDOR
12/16/2018Your yes yes yes to Mueller's arrest
12/16/2018Been meaning ot send you green for all of your patriotic post!!...saved
12/16/2018Good post in google thread - Erif
12/15/2018Amen to the noose for pedos. thanks for caring.
12/15/2018Believes the official 911 fairy tale, an utter retard
12/13/2018Epic post on who is Q thread. I believe in the Loup Garou!-Penny Peppers
12/9/2018Green from marooned
12/9/2018Nice new avatar....lance from BC
12/5/2018You're worth it
12/4/2018Grreeeen yo ---====hlf
12/2/2018Great post! Thanks! Build that wall! bigD
12/1/2018TY for Your contribution to My A.I. thread...beenthruthat​...
12/1/2018A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle
11/30/2018From reepster
11/30/2018Flabby arm waddles xD
11/23/2018Green from marooned
11/21/2018Thanks for posting the pledge in its entirety—Light Bulb
11/21/2018Good man good stuff rock on dude
11/21/2018Happy Thanks giving Loup my fellow American...saved
11/21/2018Loose lips. love Miss Cleo
11/21/2018Never cease to amaze...re:islam...La​nce from BC
11/19/2018Islam Was Banned From The USA in 1952
11/17/2018A little green for you monologue on Islam and its evils - Major Doom
11/17/2018You contributed to my thread HH
11/17/2018"The Children's Story" - thanks for sharing - ElleMira
11/17/2018Starbird green for also encouraging a great story.
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