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Loup Garou's Karma

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4/18/2024LC was here
4/16/2024Loup green! Guess my name
4/16/2024Good Luck Irish GREEN on the Eve of War for thee from AnonG
4/16/2024RED RED I see RED
4/15/2024Spring Tahoe Green!
4/15/2024Q green-sloonie
4/13/2024Tomats and Prayers - musashi777
4/12/2024Hey Hey Loup! April green 4 U! Keep on keeping ON! Blessed E v
4/10/2024Cheers, Lance
4/10/2024Beeches, proof of life is a fine idea
4/5/2024Coastie green
4/2/2024From keybored
4/2/2024Eclipse prep week - water - costco - tom plants etc - stay prepared WWG1WGA - musashi777
4/2/2024Q green--sloonie
4/2/2024Trey was here
4/1/2024Guess my name
4/1/2024April green beeches
4/1/2024Spring Tahoe Green!
4/1/2024Greenest greetings from @MoonPie
4/1/2024Hey Loup~~Unruly(aka Sick&Twist)
3/30/2024Goneviral green
3/28/2024Love your loyalty. very admirable trait. respect. Pepperroni
3/27/2024Hey LG! March Madness Green 4 U! Thanks 4 the addition! Good note 2 know! Keep on keeping on! B ev
3/26/2024Excellent info GHWB/China, thx - Har Megiddo
3/26/2024For paradise of mice info. Colour Crusader
3/25/2024Returning green back to you thank you for your green and especially your posts from Mr Tibbs.
3/24/2024SunDayGreen - musashi777
3/24/2024Coastie green
3/24/2024Sunday blessings Xx msmc
3/22/2024From keybored
3/21/2024Spring GREEN for thee from AnonG
3/17/2024Rule #1 squeakyone
3/15/2024XO Lance
3/15/2024Trey was here
3/15/2024Greenings! <3 Only Me <3
3/14/2024Pesky wives. love 99
3/12/2024Goneviral green
3/11/2024Re your post on Biblical herb MySoul
3/10/2024Thank you Loup, catching up on returning green, so one backmto you from Mr Tibbs.
3/9/2024WeekendWarriors - musashi777
3/9/2024Patriot green for thee. Des
3/8/2024Coastie green for support and participation
3/5/2024Yes, the age is closing. Colour Crusader
3/4/2024Hey fren! Guess my name : )
3/4/2024Trey was here
3/1/2024Goneviral green
3/1/2024Fly Boy stopped by
2/29/2024X marks the spot - musashi777
2/28/2024Sexy Pepe
2/28/2024Green for ya, Loup! T. Noticer
2/28/2024Green of the spring from beeches
2/26/2024Coastie green for support and participation
2/26/2024From keybored
2/25/2024Good job, and great life story, quitting the habit. Props to you-Skanner
2/25/2024Luv ya Loup! Guess my name
2/25/2024Thank you for your kind words - Demons req.payment - GLP Saved Me
2/25/2024For your encouragement. Never give up ... Colour Crusader
2/24/2024Hi from only me xoxo
2/23/2024It's going to get very dangerous at some point Loup. The big cities are the targets. Sad, bigD
2/23/2024XO lance
2/22/202448Pan sends green!!....
2/21/2024Green ~shellyjac
2/17/2024Hey LG! February certainly is not a disappointment. LET'S GO! Keep on keeping ON! Blessed E v
2/17/2024Very interesting. pool
2/17/2024From keybored
2/17/2024Hugs! Guess my name
2/16/2024TGIF - musashi777
2/15/2024Great electromagnetic video
2/15/2024The cross of the good shepard is not a communist cross. It has been around for a long time.
2/15/2024Goneviral green
2/11/2024Sexy Pepe
2/11/2024Sunday Buddy Greens! The Oracle's Cookie
2/8/2024O7 ~Teioh
2/8/2024Trey was here
2/6/2024Q green--sloonie
2/5/2024I really should give you green more often. Pepperroni
2/5/2024Hugs to you, Loup. pool
2/4/2024Informative and encouraging :) abeland1
2/4/2024Thanks for getting the WWIII meme for us to see - beeches
2/3/202448Pan sends....
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