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Mad Scientist (aka AmJedi)'s Karma

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2/4/2013Reported Abusive Post
2/3/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
2/2/2013KarmaTag Don'tBeAfraid
2/1/2013Why dont you do something about it then? 6.5years of ass beating and your still not there yet? WTF. if you dont do it who will?
2/1/2013Hey! Brief :)
1/18/2013Much thanks for pin - your friend - DoorBert
1/17/2013I hope you are correct.
1/16/2013Your a retarded commie fuck! But you knew that....
1/15/2013You suck as a person
1/11/2013TGIF! Laura Bow
1/9/2013Great thread! Goneviral
1/9/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
1/6/2013Paid shill. Good job!
1/2/2013Watch it cock-snot.
1/2/2013Let them eat cake. Notagain. :D
12/31/2012Happy New Year Hugs from Lady Jane Smith
12/26/2012WatchmenOnTheWall Was Here!
12/26/2012The OP seems to have good sense.
12/23/2012Yes indeed
12/21/2012Merry Christmas Hugs from Lady Jane Smith
12/20/2012Best holiday karma for you. Sloane
12/18/2012Cheer the fuck up and quit being so whiny, lie sucks for us ALL
12/17/2012Get your shit togather. LOL!....indiandave
12/16/2012For busting out some KLF :-) Junkyard Lily
12/16/2012Agree w/you, sick Westboro church,shame on them!- SpiderJones
12/14/2012Great post SilverPatriot
12/13/2012Thanks! SG
12/12/2012For being a great person ~ Lady Jane Smith
12/12/2012Hi from Earth420 :)
12/12/2012Reported Abusive Post
12/7/2012Have a chillaxing weekend. pool
12/7/2012Dumb Fuck. Too dumb to even realize it.
12/7/2012Fuck the pussy ass hippies! Brief :)
12/5/2012For trying to save lives. Have a very good day! Sloane
12/5/2012Kitty Karma from Lady Jane Smith
12/4/2012I talked to a guy who had been cut in half by a train until he died. This was in 76-it stays with you.
12/3/2012Goneviral karma
11/28/2012Reported Abusive Post
11/25/2012Reported Abusive Post
11/25/2012Hi from Earth420 :)
11/23/2012Not very smart, are you?
11/22/2012Dont believe everything you read
11/22/2012Enjoy some red unpaid shill
11/21/2012Happy Thanksgiving, Brief :)
11/19/2012You got the downs
11/18/2012I feel it too....Chop's
11/17/2012Thanks for the pin, bro! SG
11/17/2012Thx for pinning!
11/17/2012For being an ugly person who wishes ill on others and then says they are doing the same..geminilion
11/16/2012Prick. I hope you are rendered penniless and starve. You aren't good enough for food stamps.
11/16/2012Complete And Utter Douche Bag!!!!
11/16/2012Really? You sound like some kind of liberal assclown! Grow up and move outta momma's basement.
11/14/2012There's Remington!---train
11/13/2012For a tiny peen
11/12/2012Seriously Deluded Retard - Militias are required by the Constitution
11/8/2012I agree, and I like your avatar! ;) Artlicious
11/8/2012Fark you - the ghost of andrew jackson
11/5/2012Reported Abusive Post
11/2/2012Wow, you are a retard
11/2/2012Your avatar made me laugh till my sides ached. Isn't he wearing a RED shirt? OMG! TFF - Eireann~
11/1/2012Swinging is a vile lifestyle that starts out with shag carpet, crushed velvet, and gold chains and ends with the clap, pissed off boyfriends, and a VHS tape of you smacking a local English teacher on
11/1/2012INQ says Hello
10/31/2012Drive by karma ~ A Friend
10/31/2012EleKtroN was here :)
10/31/2012Thanks or educating the masses. ~ Jericho9
10/31/2012More gov control..looks like GONEVIRAL
10/31/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
10/31/2012Master Chief for President! - Resister
10/31/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
10/31/2012Here's some spooky green for Halloween...crazybud
10/30/2012Brief :)
10/29/2012"OP, you need to read something that isn't written by a guy with a degree from the correspondence school of Tampa with hair like the lead singer of 'Flock of Seagulls'. "
10/22/2012Thanks for the bump--Gary
10/21/2012Great post - Leslie Zevo
10/21/2012Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the thread Obama will remain POTUS - Ohwell
10/21/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
10/20/20121 for volbeat post!!
10/20/2012There are Oklahoma liberals too. Don't be hating the north.
10/17/2012Good thread. Desert Fox
10/17/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
10/14/2012Great post-dschis
10/14/2012Good pin - Chrit
10/14/2012Speaking truth - jdb
10/14/2012Thank you for that post! Nika
10/11/2012Back at ya! Gotta love those e-thugs with their awesome bench numbers and such. -Capt. Ivan Danko
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