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Mad Scientist (aka AmJedi)'s Karma

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10/10/2012Hi Jedi! Thanks for the Karma. I LOVED your video of the chimp fight on the "Classy Obama Supporter" thread. And I don't think that God really hates you! from Eggcellent
10/10/2012This Red Karma is from Oyster
10/2/2012Positive Karma because I love sharing love-Blonde Drama Queen
10/2/2012Karma thread
10/1/2012Someone has issues with Sociologist. Lol. Really? Generalize much? Fuck Off but have a nice day!
9/30/2012Awesome avatar! ~ digitalgoodtime
9/28/2012For your lost child..
9/28/2012Reported Abusive Post
9/28/2012Hi from Earth420
9/26/2012Good Posterrrrrr
9/22/2012Jedi? Grow up, ComicCon dork.
9/20/2012Gross fat man
9/18/2012Awsome avatar
9/17/2012All religions are filled with the same you say about Islam .. good try though
9/17/2012You're not stupid. You're like guinness stupid.
9/17/2012Obscene avatar
9/17/2012Ignorant hated
9/17/2012Lord Vader the porn is very strong with this one! America Fuck yeah!
9/17/2012For the truth! Sleeping Giant
9/16/2012Man, That avatar is on point. ~Herman the Kid
9/16/2012Love that commercial. ---- Munsoned
9/16/2012Screw Islam - Wake Up, it is to late for that
9/15/2012Ya done good
9/9/2012Take it to court, argue for more green karma
9/5/2012For prayer request))))GFG
9/5/2012Pray for friend
9/5/2012For caring for your freinds mom. boilerbengal
9/5/2012For doing the right thing-THE INQUISADOR
9/4/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
8/29/2012Fuck off
8/27/2012I almost forgot about Russel Crow fightin' round the world. ~Herman the Kid
8/26/2012I didn't say I didn't like you...SnakeAirlines lol
8/21/2012It takes a great parent to raise a great man - momma coop
8/20/2012Lma0 @ the orgy hole line....-sammie
8/20/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
8/20/2012Lack of empathy
8/20/2012Green for you, forget that other thread: Revguard
8/20/2012Mabie mind control? wow...Gonviral
8/16/2012"If you take GLP srly
8/14/2012You should be the poster child for eugenics
8/10/2012Anytime! Sleeping Giant
8/10/2012Low IQ
8/10/2012Thanks for the pin! -Evol Eric
8/10/2012Good post in the GM thread. -rev
8/7/2012Sikh thread - samanthasunflower
8/5/2012For bieng right about Serena
8/5/2012Two wrongs don't make a right
8/5/2012Most narrow minded person on here
8/5/2012Fuck the murder monkeys! Dan B.
8/5/2012America hater
8/5/2012Stupid bait thread - Serena Williams Crip Walk
8/5/2012Here is another one for being a bitch
8/5/2012One star? No Justice, No Pizza! Boycott all advertisers!: You are a racist
8/4/2012The human race is doomed if we don't get these mouth breathing breeders under control.
8/3/2012Loved your reply, "Go fornicate with your parental unit." LMAO! Priceless, absolutely priceless!!! :))
7/31/2012Blackout. thnx. warriorsbond
7/31/2012For your Pakistan thread. From Tiger1.
7/31/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
7/31/2012Good thread - TexasGirl
7/31/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
7/29/2012Hell yes! - Eddie Blake
7/29/2012<3 Rosie .. thanks :)
7/29/2012Aaaahhhh!! never! gonviral karma
7/28/2012For appreciating the slap and for introducing yours! - Rouge
7/28/2012For calling me a moron, spread the love baby!
7/24/2012You're just sad
7/16/2012Here's some green. I think we were somewhat on same page but I focused on ur neg posts-422
7/16/2012You are a Fucking MORAN...
7/16/2012Makes a good statement about civic-mindedness
7/15/2012Unamerican chicken-shit wennie
7/14/2012Saying hello! Earth420
7/13/2012Karma from Gonviral
7/8/2012For being mean - don't be mean.
6/28/2012He is a jerk-wad
6/28/2012Good sense
6/28/20121 for your "sharp pointy stick" comment > blue zeus
6/28/2012You think I'm liberal??? LOL!! Oh, the pity of assumptions...
6/28/2012Because I pretty much feel the same way!
6/28/2012You're so holier than thou it's not even funny
6/28/2012For your post. From Tiger1.
6/28/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
6/27/2012Prayers for your brother!
6/22/2012Good thread from Merci
6/22/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
6/17/2012Trying to Resus a Child, not an easy thing to do (Been there) MUCH RESPECT
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