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Mad Scientist (aka AmJedi)'s Karma

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12/18/2011Thank you for the kind words and support!!
12/17/2011I got bored so I gave You some bad karma ;-(
12/15/2011Lord protect these people, watch over them in this time of need, take them by the hand and comfort them. Amen
12/15/2011Prayers, and emotional support to a good and loving dad and hubby. .... ladulce
12/15/2011Prayers sent ^i^
12/11/2011I feel your frustration-The Outlander
12/5/2011This time you deserve it ----Zazz 2 (At least I label my red)
12/3/2011Far too much information!
12/3/2011Hating on football because your a giant pussy that don't understand it or too much of a bitch to play it is pretty GAY you lil fairy
12/3/2011So true
12/3/2011What is wrong with you? Did you not get enough attention from your mother as a child? Or did you eat too many paint chips as a child? Geez....
11/30/2011For hammering a shill good and proper. You Rock. Zero Point.
11/29/2011Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
11/22/2011Glad you handled the REPO situation GL on the clain to the AG
11/22/2011Time to move. pool
11/22/2011Hell yeah rowdy_58
11/22/2011Lol, show the repo thugs who's boss
11/22/2011For being an honest, hard working american who dont take shit from a repo man!
11/22/2011For having a wife that will use a shotgun. Fuck yeah.
11/22/2011Good going on the repo-asses! -=Mickster=-
11/22/2011Glad you stood up for yourself! Sounds like you have a wonderful wife :)
11/22/2011CTyankee thinks your all right...and my wife says right on to yours
11/22/2011Good karma for your fake repo troubles
11/22/2011A karma point for your wife! :D Oh, and you. Stick to your guns. Literally! ~Sandi
11/22/2011Well done
11/22/2011For standing up to these idiots and a good post!
11/22/2011Awesome story.
11/22/2011Wish there were more like you!
11/22/20111 You and your wife rock! ~AnBlack
11/22/2011For keeping a cool head in a high pressure situation. You would make a great cop! WatchmenOnTheWall
11/22/2011Fuck those motherfuckers. Good 4 you and your wife being prepared!
11/22/2011Fellow "gun nut"!
11/22/2011Repo-tards... -dilke
11/22/2011Good job on the repo
11/22/2011Standing up for your rights~~Bluebird
11/22/2011Great story! +1 Karma for doing what you did! - Element
11/22/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
11/14/2011Should never be a nurse.
11/14/2011I dont give them out much ;)
11/14/2011Rant !!
11/14/2011Pussy whinine
11/9/2011Obama 2012! Why...because the alternative is a dickhead like you.
11/8/2011Good karma for heroic work
11/2/2011Thumbs up
10/23/2011Thanks NUTRAMAC
10/22/2011Thumbs up for raising a good kid
10/22/2011Great story about son.. Congrats to you and your son... My2centsworth
10/22/2011Touching story :)
10/22/2011For raising a great kid!
10/22/2011Way to raise a good boy!!
10/22/2011Karma for son making good
10/22/2011Megalithicme (kelly) was here
10/22/2011Good parenting + good kids = hope for the future - momma coop
10/22/2011Sounds like you raised him right. Makes my heart glad.
10/22/2011For raising a fine young man.
10/22/2011Thank-you!from cerrianna
10/22/20111 good parents. -- Borian
10/22/2011Great story about your son!
10/21/2011Great story. : )
10/21/2011For the Dan Inosanto video, brilliant mate! - WalkersEverywhere
10/19/2011I agree. We are goood!
10/18/2011Good Karma from Jen Jen for making me laugh
10/12/2011Lol on the Oct 31 thread, I agree - Lotus Flower
10/8/2011For being spot on :)
10/1/2011Siding with Fascists
10/1/2011Whine ass
9/30/2011Good chart on the economic state ... My2centsworth
9/25/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
9/25/2011Why dont u die ... dirty heathen
9/25/2011Belittling other beliefs
9/25/2011Glad your on my side in the coming race war
9/24/2011Because of your thread about the muzzie at jfk Carol B.
9/21/2011Yes that is right, that is rape
9/21/2011Ignorant asshole. Please chase a bottle of sleeping pills with a fifth of vodka.
9/17/2011Good post! Should be pinned. - Mulletman
9/13/2011Clever about a 7 out of 10
9/8/2011Fuck Ron Paul? You must be a dipshit huh?
8/29/2011Good poster!
8/16/2011Reason and past precedence make a valid point
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