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soulsurvivor's Karma

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3/18/2016Walk off the earth :)
8/3/2015Givin a rats ass grin
10/18/2012He said he was gonna nut me
7/6/2012Spiral cut hot dogs...Great idea! ....*from CrissCross
6/20/2012Good perspective on the Opryland Sheriff Conference
6/16/2012Ladies with the vapors....hells yeah! smelling salts required. :D
6/15/2012Thanks for the info on the trees and fruit.
4/4/2012Thanks for sharing on my thread-OA
3/30/2012LFTR video - Anubis
2/25/20121 for innerself alien truth; from: Alien Commander Omd I
2/23/2012The sounds are the cells of your brain dying. moran.
1/19/2012Thanks for sharing your expierince
12/21/2011For Painter Bob! Good Karma and happy thoughts ~ S. OR
12/1/2011Thanks so much for the helpful advice!
11/4/20115 cup salad recipe. thanks flavapor
11/2/2011Thanx for the warning
10/31/2011All treat, no trick!! tinygreen.
10/5/2011Loved your italian noodles on my dinner thread, come post more stuff- flavapor
9/28/2011Loved your experience seeing Jesus! :) ~Kim
9/28/2011Thank you for your reply. Means a lot.
9/4/2011Fucking idiot
8/23/2011Spoon fan
8/18/2011Agreed! Very Insightful, aligns PERFECTLY with my Understanding of the TImes we're in

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