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calendulaceum's Karma

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12/19/2011Stick with it homie -iluv
10/13/2011Keep searching. /r, The Guy
10/11/2011Here's a "green" karma point for you xoxo, GLP Angel
10/11/2011Chemtrails need to be exposed
10/11/2011HAHA negative Karma HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
10/11/2011I live in East TX & have family all over the South--Ur right on!
10/11/2011Stupid chemtard
10/11/2011Born to be tard
10/11/2011Roughs up the suspect in public
9/25/2011You da man
8/27/2011Ignorant chemtard
8/26/2011Public masterbator
8/20/2011Thanks for your support!

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