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esoteric Morgan's Karma

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10/5/2012The Inquisador
10/4/2012Great post, enjoy the green. ~ Redpaw360
10/4/2012Morgan, thank you. Quiet a compliment coming from a clear free-thinking person such as yourself . :) ~Z
10/1/2012In awe of you - a secret lover
9/28/2012Have a great weekend Beautiful Soul :)
9/27/2012Great post on the sinkhole thread... my2centsworth
9/27/2012Pin. pool
9/25/2012You're cool
9/20/2012Love.. comon.. -_-
9/14/2012You are so beautiful :)
9/7/2012Luv your thoughts - SoS
9/6/2012From... Nobody.
9/4/2012Good kharma for one of the original hipsters. LoL. Hope all is good in your world! -w_nb
9/1/2012Because you are beautiful :)
8/27/2012Wrong! Go back to math class. Or dont debate math. One or the other.
8/24/2012Oh wow - you predicted nothing bitch
8/23/2012Hi Beautiful... :)
8/14/2012Buddy karma. pool
8/12/2012Good poster on Middle Ages
8/12/2012For helping, not harping - SN
8/11/2012Because I love you. -Sarah
8/9/2012Happy Friday! Doomalicious
8/9/2012Thank you and thanks for the green! BK
8/4/2012Smart aleck
8/4/2012Wow, really, keep your head in the sand, go ahead. Normalcy Bias at work in you sweetie. Sorry!
8/4/2012Swans :) baba
8/1/2012Good post and nice answer gonvirl karma
7/31/2012Hi beautiful ;)
7/31/2012For mystery doom! MP
7/31/2012Flowers and Love for Stolen Kisses :) - parrotsandwhiskey
7/29/20121 Karma. Because you desreve it.
7/26/2012Sun tard kiss
7/23/2012Great post in the not guilty thread ~IndigoSerenity76~
7/22/2012Back at you. sonic
7/22/2012Thanks so much for your kind words and support! - Six Six Six
7/22/2012Just because your an awesome person
7/16/2012I love you!
7/13/2012You are a nice person, stay like that.
7/12/2012For your brilliance! Black Knight
7/10/2012Morgan, you always show much heart in your views :) baba
7/8/2012For being so cool
7/7/2012I enjoyed your thoughts in the Centaurus thread. Thanks for sharing them. - Six Six Six
7/7/2012Have a nice weekend Beautiful :)
7/4/2012Helping U get to 100! <3 <3
6/30/2012Thank you for being you and posting/sharing your essence. ~Z
6/28/2012You are just so beautiful... Spiral
6/6/2012Good karma for you ~Magik~
6/5/2012You are beautiful
5/18/2012Mmmm... Beeeeer:)~DoubleHelix​
5/10/2012Thank you for your input! --Lightning Chakra
5/10/2012Nice avatar and nice name...Smiles..
5/10/2012Good kharma for living through the NYC punk scene! I bet GLP would love to hear some of your stories! ;-`)
5/8/2012Posting on Salt's thread D'Light
5/8/2012Thank you for sharing - disability thread. :) - Debauchery
5/5/2012Friend karma - martianprincess
5/1/2012Hugs: karma from Bowman. : )
4/24/2012The datsun happy memory and your lovely av!--from "So not a Princess"
4/21/2012For pointing out the paradox associated with questioning our "reality" MrCash
4/15/2012Thanks for karma. back at you. sonic doom
4/15/2012Because you are interesting, and as such I added you a "Buddy' so I can read what you have to say. ;-`)
4/9/2012Cute pic
4/7/2012Dutchnord32 - Thx
4/6/2012Hiya EM Isis7
4/1/2012Green to you kind Morgan! Fubarman
3/29/2012For caring
3/28/2012Good advice on the disc problem thread. Madame X
3/25/2012I generally find you to be a pretty cool guy/gal who doesn't afraid of anything. It's high time I gave you this.
3/17/2012You bring up interesting points! CyBerndt
3/13/2012Best responses; from: Alien Commander Omd I
3/12/2012Sensetive is a rare word. x
3/11/2012Gee I like you
3/9/2012Well said in the woman thread. 2ndP
3/9/2012Thanx for checking out my thread-AFGW
3/5/2012Lap it up :)
2/29/2012Brief :)
2/26/2012Thanks so much for your feedback on the Monsanto thread...my2centswort​h
2/23/20121 green for you, you sassy minx you! --- V-Honey
2/23/2012Perceptive of Parallel Universe; from: Alien Commander Omd I
2/22/2012A REAL woman with a REAL story. thank you for sharing! linda
2/22/2012A very beautiful post!
2/12/2012Good karma to you for your empathy...doodlebug
2/10/2012Positive Humanoid; Alien Commander Omd I
2/9/2012You have been in my mind for some reason :) Jilly23810
2/9/20121 for "Obama has moves"
2/4/2012Good long term plan for this year
2/4/2012Meat-missile karma! - STT
2/1/2012Reported Abusive Post
1/31/2012Thanks for the Karma! -ash ye ash ye
1/27/2012For Supporting Comminisist RT, RT is the NEW Pravda, and supporting it makes you a Commie shithole!!!
1/27/2012For being an RT asswipe.
1/27/2012Right back at ya. God1337
1/27/2012TY for the green on my Open Letter thread..returning some love! :) Christine
1/27/2012Thank you for the comments - abhie
1/26/2012For being the most logical person on this religion Post: Trippstickxx
1/26/2012I appreciate your throught's : TrippStickX
1/25/2012Karma Bump - ~Jay~
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