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2/2/2014Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
9/15/2011Get fucked. you really need laid.
9/15/2011Whats in your past?
9/15/2011Posted excellent video
9/14/2011For being a race realist.-from assbeef.
9/14/2011Let me guess; your jelous cause you aint gettin any.
9/13/2011No facebook'n, good song though!
9/12/2011Thanks for Miss Costa Rica's Pics dude. ~Silverblade
9/12/2011To COUNTER all the bad karma and because I still get a weird boner when i see your avatar ;)
9/12/2011Ugly, ugly, ugly!!!
9/12/2011You are ugly to people in need of a kind word
9/7/2011For being dumb
9/7/2011Dangerous religioustard
9/6/2011Karma for TDM! Dave Blood RIP!
9/6/2011For having awesome taste in music!
9/6/2011I don't know why some people are pedophiles. STOP!!!!
9/6/2011Beautiful ginger gal with a good heart.
9/6/2011Thanks for link (bannedfromyoutube)
9/6/2011Reported Abusive Post
9/4/2011For making me believe your av is about to suck a dick
9/4/2011Derp. derp derp.
9/4/2011Derp. derp derp.
9/3/2011Title is a lie plus the video is not funny at all. Thanks for wasting my time.
9/3/2011Misleading title
9/3/2011For making me laugh before I've even had my coffee! :)
9/3/2011WIld, but funny
9/2/2011Helpful and funny
9/2/2011For Rush sucking
9/1/2011Crybaby Barry can't destroy us fast enough.
9/1/2011Vid just didn't sit well with me, errg. Good luck recycling!
9/1/2011HAHA for your avatar.. and your post made sense too !
8/31/2011Qreat sig
8/30/2011Mindless Tool
8/30/2011No reason
8/30/2011No two dorra... just some karma .. GRIN...
8/30/2011Not a nice person
8/30/2011A curse indeed~Cheops
8/30/2011TOEM for seeing people as people, not colors
8/30/2011Reported Abusive Post
8/28/2011Reported Abusive Post
8/28/2011Because I get a weird boner when i see your avatar ;)
8/28/2011Cuz yer avatar makes me think interesting thoughts
8/28/2011Funny avatar
8/28/2011Good karma from your Sarah Silverman
8/28/2011Nice avatar! =)
8/28/2011For using glp as a personal bitch & moan fest about ac's grow up
8/28/2011I dont like you avatar either, but that is no cause for doling out bad karma, lol!!!
8/28/2011I like your avatar
8/28/2011Doorbell post ~TheBroker~
8/28/2011For a funny avatar and to counter the trolls
8/28/2011You have a bad attitude
8/28/2011Ac's are shill trolls?
8/28/2011For Being a Cry Baby Bitch
8/28/2011Trying to offset any bad karma- keep your head up GLP'er
8/28/2011Good Karma for bad Karma
8/28/2011Good karma for your avatar. i love it. From bubblehead.
8/28/2011"and Ban AC's from posting content" ac's deliver the best content on this site!
8/28/2011Change avatar please
8/27/2011Ugly avatar
8/27/2011Suspected possible reptillian shapeshifter, probably has a forked tongue.
8/27/2011Ignorance breeds stupidity and your a stupid fuck
8/26/2011Great avatar
8/25/2011Waste of time.
8/25/2011Rickroll sucks
8/22/2011For thinking EVERYONe and EVERYthing is Controlled oppositon/illuminati in the control of the TPTB etc.
8/22/2011Your AV Rocks....TXGAL :)
8/22/2011Reported Abusive Post
8/21/2011Work to change the law, don't whine like a bitch about it.
8/21/2011Down with Tyranny!!!!
8/21/2011Youre such a weenie
8/21/2011Bless your heart...I hope everything will work out okay and take care!
8/21/2011Excellent work, good luck in court, this could be your platform for ending the tyranny of the SPD
8/20/2011Wish you the best, great video
8/19/2011Needs some good Karma!
8/19/2011Needs it
8/19/2011Fracking enforcer revenue BS / A hood is no hulk!
8/19/2011Back at ya then ya puke
8/19/2011Power to the opeople
8/19/2011Reality sucks and the 'peace officers' suck even more
8/19/2011Wow, here's some good karma for your bummer experience.
8/19/2011To permit is to control. Now we live and conduct commerace by permission rather than by right.
8/19/2011Agree with him
8/19/2011You deserve t for all you went through.
8/19/2011Bringing police harassment to light -- that's good karma.
8/19/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
8/19/2011A+ for effort under pressure. Hang in there...lots of good folks here on your side.
8/19/2011Harassing the cops :)
8/18/2011For your ability to shapeshift!
8/17/2011I like
8/15/2011Cassidy no Doom topic--Nick
8/14/2011Get a brain
8/13/2011I like what she said.
8/13/2011Poor post for no reason
8/13/2011I dunno something to do lol

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