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BigNutChuck's Karma

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11/13/2016Kiss this (_l_)
3/16/2013Fucking retard noob
6/4/2012Islam, religion of PISS ! - subzero86
1/7/2012For spreading lies about physicians thinkingoutsidetherho​mbus
1/6/2012Thanks for being honest about healthcare. Amy A
10/31/2011For spouting lies and untruths.
10/21/2011For re-enforcing my statement that there is no such thing as an "Ex Marine" - WalkersEverywhere
10/20/2011You GET it
10/19/2011Good math!
10/18/2011Youre a liar and a fraudster.. I was talking about tents and the garbage. You are penalized and reported for slander, libel and false reporting.
10/18/2011Great MATH! I have been screaming this at my economics professor who thinks cash is king.
10/18/2011Good reasoning
10/17/2011Well done a much needed counter voice
10/17/2011Good karma thats why duh
10/17/2011WAA! Go get a job, and if you have one strive for a better one.
10/16/2011You deserve it, good thread! - Tiamat2012
10/16/2011Great post to discuss. People should do more than just point fingers. InterMezzo
10/16/2011Your math skills
10/16/2011I want to hug you. Your post on "doing the math" is spot on. Thank you for getting it!!!
10/16/2011Great post
10/16/2011Fuck off liberal art student lol
10/16/2011Your numbers fail. My 21 year old son is making $71k, fresh out of college. How? He got a degree that was useful. Dumb ass
10/16/2011Someone gets it. Thanks man.
10/16/2011Oh no! logic around here? whodathunkit
10/16/2011Because your math is fucking fail. Asswipe!
10/16/2011Makes a great post proving that idiots are trying to blame OWS are just blaming the victims for the Illuminati's crimes
10/16/2011For jobs post
10/16/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
10/16/2011For the truth
10/16/2011Teach them to fish. Stop giving them the fish.
10/16/2011For the math
10/16/2011Good Post. Yo
10/16/2011To the awakened - Great post OP - southernbella
10/16/2011Your jobs/math post. thanks.
10/16/2011At last! Someone with some humanity :) ~isla
9/8/2011Called me a dumbass
8/14/2011Dont worry, stay happy. Wit cho krrrackah azz bwoi!

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