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TheTymeBeing's Karma

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9/28/2011Weekly disbursement, comrade. enjoy your benefits.
9/20/2011Congrats, comrade! a spot has opened in the weekly disbursement program! enjoy your benefits! see you next week!
9/14/2011Lazy fuck
9/13/2011On target
9/11/2011Worst idea ever! Steal from the productive and give to the leeches. I don't think so but can guess which you are
9/11/2011Excellent post on the Atheist thread! Well done!
9/11/2011Help in finding bugs
9/10/2011Eat the rich :-)
9/9/2011For thinking that stealing is a good idea
9/9/2011Very good thread
9/9/2011You must be poor and uneducated..you are not getting any of my $$
9/9/2011Use your head
9/9/2011Clueless libtard over economic.
9/9/2011Communist thought
9/9/2011Why not redistribute the karma?
8/16/2011I wanted to be your first. You always remember your first one.

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