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4/26/2012Much love! 11.11.11
2/14/2012Angels thread
11/6/2011From a fellow-believer
10/15/2011For bumping the dream...thread, thank you
10/14/2011Love you sister! - Lisa :)
10/14/2011Thanks for the thread! TexasGirl
10/10/2011Gd2balive says Howdy
10/7/2011Miss you
10/5/2011For caring - Lotus Flower
10/1/2011Your religion has made your heart a cold and dark place. when you close your eyes in death and you see yahweh descend upon you as the dark evil entity it is, you will be very scared -SiFu Serpentined
9/27/2011Threads deleted, banned and hated? This is ridiculous!
9/22/2011Hope you come back real soon
9/21/2011Always good intentions - just needs to be a good girl now
9/21/2011Great its due
9/20/2011For your EXCELLENT timeline. Favoriting the thread and will keep watching.
9/19/2011One-eyed fool who rejects the truth
9/19/2011Sorry OP, I fail Quoting: BubbleHead It's all good!) you are nice!! Chop's
9/19/2011Running list very relevant. Cylo.
9/19/2011Jesjus tard, when will you discover that Jesus is the son in the sky, as in that big orange thing?
9/19/2011Great poster!
9/19/2011Nice list thanks!
9/19/2011Lightning odds vs hit by uars odds
9/19/2011Thank you for sending the message--it is much appreciated.
9/19/2011My sister is awesome! - Lisa:)
9/19/2011Go sell Religious trash in Iran if you really believe it! bible is BS,mans ego fear,written by royalty,48 diff.times up 2 k.james
9/18/2011I am so aggravated-for you! What a bunch of asses. I really enjoy your posts and I'm shocked at the response to your latest threads.
9/18/2011Cry baby bitch. Ask Jesus to restore it for you
9/18/2011Great opinion on ELE. Thanks.
9/18/2011You have a beautiful eye and bangs, a shame you still believe elenin is a threat. There is another threat lingering, but it isn't elenin, sweetie
9/17/2011Promoting boredom
9/17/2011Because you know what it is to be a christian. Azilla
9/17/2011Always enjoy reading your threads. Thank You - AA
9/16/2011Always interesting threads from you, peace :)
9/16/2011Weekly good karma, because you love the Lord
9/16/2011Ybic :-)
9/15/2011Nice posting on the "not getting married" thread - Lotus Flower
9/15/2011Good post
9/14/2011For trying to keep us informed
9/14/2011For a fellow sister in Christ - Inquiring Mind
9/14/2011For showing the light, on the planned strong arm of Israel
9/14/2011From ~BlueMind
9/14/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
9/14/2011First to commnet
9/13/2011Thanks for the info,,Hadn't heard about it..till your responses
9/13/2011This needs 2 get out!!
9/13/2011Your stupid please STFU!!
9/13/2011For your response =P
9/13/2011Green 1 for a good thread - thought provoking - Cambrensis
9/13/2011Thanks for the positive comment, I didn't know talking about dreams as having a significance was so offensive
9/13/2011Back at ya ^Watcher^! Path
9/13/2011Their actions are speaking louder than words these days.
9/13/2011Just because of all of the morons attacking you in 3 days of darkness thread.
9/13/2011Good peacefull poster
9/12/2011I like the way you think bright women. ducati60
9/11/2011For believing people who have no idea what they're talking about.
9/11/2011Good sticking to your guns! Love from Earth420
9/9/2011GREAT info!!!!
9/9/2011Don't trust her. She is a One-Eyed Cyclops.
9/8/2011She baffles me.
9/8/2011God Bless You! - Lisa :)
9/7/2011Good reasoning.
9/6/2011Watcher^ has a very strong and positive spirit that comes out in all of her posts.
9/6/2011Keeping us informed and keeping track of potentially life changing events, predicted to occur in the near future. Thank you!
9/2/2011Niburu tard
9/2/2011For you!
9/2/2011Don't be stupid
9/2/2011Constantly an asset to the community. <3 -SoM
9/2/2011Because you watch over us like a big nice mama. Passive Ressistnce.
9/2/2011This guy definitely deserves some good karma ~Silverblade
9/1/2011TY for the September thread
9/1/2011Jesus' groupie :)
9/1/2011Watcher is kind, she cares.
9/1/2011Nice thread
9/1/2011Helpful concise information!
9/1/2011Nice post!
9/1/2011Good post
9/1/2011For another excellent, labor intensive, thought provoking post!
9/1/2011You are the sunroof on a submarine
9/1/2011Great post - STT
9/1/2011Will tell about the movie after Sunday. Greetz from Yddap =)
9/1/2011Informative post
9/1/2011Great September events post. Thanks:) -Earth Daughter
9/1/2011You get dumber with every post
9/1/2011Very good predictions
9/1/2011Thanks for "September" Thread! God bless. me777
9/1/2011Because you truly are a WATCHER!!!!
9/1/2011Great compilation of what to expect this moth
9/1/2011Watcher has good threads to return to on a daily basis and is always really nice!! Good KARMA!!
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