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6/23/2020Interesting question on Locust eggs MySoul
9/19/2018Gifts of Green! ~ A Friend
8/27/2018Happy Day!! I hope you are having fun. ~ A Friend
7/12/2018"I Will Limit Your Access To My Reality..."
7/4/2018From Off Switch
6/6/2018Thanks for bump and stars!!
4/12/2018From 5.0%
11/21/2017Goneviral green
11/7/2017I put my request in; how bout others ?
10/11/2017Love Ellusion :)
10/8/2017Today is the last day of the first day of the rest of your life, try to enjoy it if you may. ~ A Friend
10/1/2017Happy Funday! ~ A Friend
8/11/2017Green from Sassy Trumpette- love your avatar
8/4/2017Reported Abusive Post
7/4/2017Green Bean / Hat_Creek
6/27/2017Posted a thread that was pinned
6/25/2017I love your wolf avatar! ~Lavender~
5/25/2017Love your avatar-sassy granny
5/15/2017The fly is right... Ya know...
5/6/2017Nice comment - Cajen
4/20/2017Nice avatar...and your reality thread was great. ~
4/12/2017Reported Abusive Post
4/12/2017Amaterasu! el
2/25/2017Thanks so much for your support today, I appreciate it so much. Joe Walsh is awesome, btw. Xx
1/26/2017Great post -Trump fixing Ozeros fuck ups on cucks thread....Lilopin
1/21/2017Reported Abusive Post
12/31/2016Happy New Year! -Denizen
12/29/2016Nice, and accurate analysis from last one
12/19/2016Teaching the shill about WW1. - JimmyBones
12/4/2016Reported Abusive Post
12/1/201612/01/2016 03:53 pm
11/30/2016Thanks for the support - Remedial Rebel
11/8/2016Reported Abusive Post
10/30/2016Posted a thread that was pinned
10/29/2016Awsome! Trump Green! - Chaos Replicator.
10/4/2016No shit
9/26/2015Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
8/16/2015Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
8/16/2015Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
7/10/2014Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
5/11/2014Love Karma ~ Simple27 : )
4/21/2014Rimjob handjob in one, awesome, orbs :)
3/1/2014Smart poster. Thanks for the intelligent input in the UFO thread. - Cookie
2/20/2014Alleged driving ensues
10/5/2013For your input ~thetruthmonger
8/3/2013Nice music
8/1/2013Thanks for contributing to my thread. Ben Schillen
7/29/2013Great info!
7/22/2013Idk, its kinda cool
12/8/2012Faggot Nibooboo turd. You are dumb as fuck and only wish you knew a 1/10th Astro does
6/26/2012Thanks for your golden cooperatio against papertards. Strongman +1 for you
5/1/2012Here's another Red for you, ButtBreath
12/24/2011Op is an idiot. rp2012
11/25/2011Lol liked ya posting on the Christmas thread - Lotus Flower
9/7/2011Nitwit Fool That Attacks The Truth
8/16/2011Adds nothing but insults to the discussion
8/16/2011Just plain dumb.
8/15/20111 For fellow R.Paul supporter from danose

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