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Girl Genius's Karma

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11/5/2012For your posts ! From Tiger1.
11/5/2012From Walt
11/5/2012I agrree with your comment...Chas...
11/5/2012Good Karma :) ACM
11/4/2012Good to see you GG. Nick®
11/4/2012Long time no see. Hope you are doing well - from truthwillsetyoufreeag​ain
11/3/2012Thanks for the green! No Dhimmi
11/3/2012Mil man 150 IQ
11/2/2012But still alive and kicking! - RoXY
11/2/2012I was here! Much love! ..11:11..
10/31/2012Blue Skies was here
10/31/2012Tag! Your it!!! ~Chip
10/29/2012Good Karma :) ACM
10/29/2012From Walt
10/29/2012Peace Love & Light WildFlower
10/28/2012Green karma drive by ! - subzero86
10/27/2012Have a great weekend ! From Tiger1.
10/27/2012Happy weekend,GG! :)- ~Christine~
10/23/2012Always the tops. Mil man
10/23/2012Karma time! -Face
10/22/2012Have a great week! Doomalicious
10/22/2012Good Karma :) ACM
10/21/2012From Walt
10/20/2012Just returning the love :) Lyttlmiss
10/20/2012Zoom, Zoom, Zoom! ..11:11..
10/18/2012Love waits for one thing, the right moment... ~Christine~ :)-
10/18/2012Green support ! - subzero86
10/15/2012And you dig me in my Av? Damn girl! Yours makes me wanna go flower picking. -w_nb ;-`)
10/15/2012The worst day is over, have a great week now! ~Dai
10/15/2012Only Americans can hurt America. notinfallible
10/15/2012Good Karma :) ACM
10/13/2012From Walt
10/12/2012It is Quasar...
10/12/2012For your posts ! From Tiger1.
10/12/2012Have a great weekend! Doomalicious
10/8/2012Sfav :)
10/7/2012Belief is when someone else does the thinking.... notinfallible
10/7/2012Wow long time no 'see'!!! <3 miffed xx
10/6/2012Hope life is treating you well. Lyttlmiss
10/6/2012Green support ! - subzero86
10/6/2012From Walt
10/6/2012Good Karma :) ACM
10/5/2012Have a great weekend ! From Tiger1.
10/4/2012Peace Love & Light WildFlower
10/4/2012Very long time no talk! digitalgoodtime
10/4/2012Love ~Dai
10/4/2012Have a nice day! -Face
10/3/2012Quasar brings you hugs
10/3/2012Have a great day! Doomalicious
10/2/2012Hi GG, hope you're fine - RoXY
10/1/2012Smart people. Mil man
9/30/2012Happy weekend-- train
9/30/2012Zoom, zoom, zoom! May Love and Light fill your heart! ..11:11..
9/30/2012How is going your Orchard? hope well :) - ElenaC
9/29/2012And to you - Dease
9/28/2012Thanks My Friend :) ACM
9/27/2012Karma from Walt
9/26/2012To my favorite Genius === Quasar
9/25/2012Thanx GG! - RoXY
9/25/2012Have a beautifully, blessed week! :)- ~Christine~
9/24/2012Have a great week! Doomalicious
9/23/2012The girl with the beautiful hair (your old avatar)!!! The Last Boy Scout
9/20/2012Peace Love & Light WildFlower
9/20/2012Normally i try to find a thought-provoking quote... but not this time.... habityhabityhabity_ch​igidypoopidypopidy_po​opieindapantz? notinfallible
9/19/2012Just because--- train
9/18/2012Karma from Walt
9/18/2012In these crazy times we need all the green we can get- Lyttlmiss
9/17/2012Happy Monday to you GG === Quasar
9/16/2012I did....hope you did too - Dease
9/16/2012Have a wonderful week! Hugs, ~Christine~ :)-
9/15/2012Have a great weekend ! From Tiger1.
9/14/2012Good Karma :) ACM
9/14/2012Green vibes ! - subzero86
9/14/2012Have a nice weekend!! ~Dai
9/10/2012Karma from Walt
9/9/2012It is good you are using your time wisely === Quasar
9/8/2012High iq. Mil man
9/7/2012Love, Light & Unity! - RoXY
9/7/2012Peace WildFlower
9/6/2012Glad to see you're back - Dease
9/5/2012Have a great week ! From Tiger1.
9/5/2012Peace ! - subzero86
9/3/2012If you were going to die soon and had only one phone call you could make, who would you call and what would you say? And why are you waiting? notinfallible
9/3/2012Happy weekend--- train
9/3/2012Hope you have a great week! ~Dai
9/1/2012Girl Genius my friend === Quasar
9/1/2012Have a wonderful weekend! :)- ~Christine~
8/31/2012Happy Weekend!! Peace WildFlower
8/30/2012Karma from walt
8/30/2012Just Bea-cause :)
8/29/2012Best wishes from subzero86 !
8/27/2012For a genius Mil man
8/27/2012Have a great week! Doomalicious
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