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Veresanctus's Karma

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1/9/2012Yep, be prepared for thumbs down. I got them too, same subject ;-)
1/9/2012You bad homo.
1/5/2012LOVE is the answer, NOT religion(~) < Peace be with You(~) > tSJ
1/4/2012The only fools were your parents for not aborting you.
1/4/2012Brainwashed by the book written by man. good luck sheep
1/4/2012For bring smart
12/31/2011RP 2012 ! We MUST make this happen! ~Torchbearer
12/30/2011God Bless
10/31/2011Seeing thing as they are....
10/19/2011Yes. Its bad for you.
10/17/2011Loving the Lion and the Latin! Lol ~Vesper33~
10/12/2011For asking rational questions about contrails...SA
10/11/2011You clearly don't know the first thing about contrails or chemtrails
10/5/2011Preaching The Truth - Yahushua! :-) jdb
10/5/2011Nice post! ~Awakened In Christ ~
10/5/2011Absolutely BANG ON the money with your post regarding employment and employers trying to get rid off their people. I know that grief SO well. Wish I could give you more than one vote just for that pos
9/9/2011For showing me map, thank you, MONSTER
8/30/2011Great post! Chop's
8/30/2011Good link op
8/30/2011Good post
8/30/2011Love your avatar :)
8/30/2011Nice movie link
8/29/2011Great post
8/29/2011Good vid, the veil is thinning, let material power be dissolved.
8/29/2011Nice vid- locked
8/29/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
8/29/2011Thanks for sharing this video - Mulletman
8/28/2011Great use of humor
8/27/2011The poster can't see the truth
8/19/2011Hey Veresanctus...I enjoy toy posts and just noticed you need a little green. Let me be the first. Kepp up the good work!
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