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BigBlackDominant's Karma

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11/10/2018Fuck you
11/9/2018Role playing wigger, get a life, woman don’t like basement dwelling white Tupac wanna bes
11/8/2018All those rubies ~ You must know something ~ <3 YTT
11/7/2018Fuck off
11/6/2018You are not welcome here libtard
11/6/2018I'll kick it off ;)
11/4/2018Bad Bad Bad
9/17/2018Nuclear emergency is not routine...
8/24/2018Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
8/24/2018Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
8/7/2018Look it’s the tard army
8/5/2018You suck! Piss flap face
7/24/2018Basmeent dweller
7/24/2018Badd troll
7/14/2018You are the pathetic, Mickey
7/14/2018MSNBC sheep
7/14/2018No war bad luck. have a red numb nuts
7/14/2018Fuck off faggot
5/17/2018Smoke this
4/29/2018Racist fuck
4/24/2018Lovin on Trudaua' dick, I see.
4/16/2018This guy films Negroes fucking his wife and sucks out their creampies.
4/2/2018Agree. pool
3/14/2018Ban this POS. Spamming troll.
1/23/2018People are just trying to get info.
1/23/2018Get a life
12/29/2017For Herbert West. Reanimater extraordinaire.
12/20/2017Mewwy Chwissmass.
11/7/20171234 get that pussy on the floor.
11/6/2017Negro cumdumpster. He likes purple heads buried in his colon.
11/6/2017Ignore list
10/31/2017Banana for dindu in stock atm
10/30/2017For a sense of humor
10/26/2017Go away fag
10/24/2017Go and suck yo mama's dick....piece of shit cacanedien
10/21/2017Oh look it's this red pin again
10/15/2017Here ya go. Charity fuck.
10/10/2017Fuck off. the frightners sucked!
10/9/2017Oh look it's this RED again
10/9/2017Oh look -> a first class retarded cuck
10/7/2017Oh look. It's this douche again.
10/7/2017If you're bored go outside and play.
10/7/2017NO... I will NOT send you a DICK pic!
10/7/2017Oh look, it's this fag from Canada again.
10/7/2017For being a douche
10/6/2017Soros dick sucker
10/6/2017Irrelevant time wasting post
10/6/2017Not very original.
10/6/2017Not this thread again? asshole
10/6/2017Sympathy green. Not quite as fun as a sympathy fook.
10/5/2017Not this thread again without showing evidence
10/5/2017You don't like it don't read the threads, fuck off
10/5/2017Is your boyfriend still sticking his cock your Ass
10/5/2017You're kind of a cunt, ain't you, boy?
10/5/2017Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
10/4/2017You love red!!!
9/29/2017You asshole
9/28/2017I concur mil
9/28/2017Unnecessary bs
9/28/2017Oh look it's red agean asshole
9/28/2017Don't come in the thread then! PR reports from the ground- truthie
9/26/2017I like your sense of humor
9/21/2017Your body is a roadmap of pain.
9/17/2017Green for dindu parenting video. Troof!
9/10/20178 long and 7inch girth
9/9/2017Go around leaving negative karma for no reason you'll get hit back bitch
9/9/2017Faggot fuckface
2/17/2017From President Trump... - McMurphy
2/16/2017Asshole thats why your an asshole k
2/16/2017Oh look, it's this naggr again
11/15/2016It is good!-astral goat
11/1/2016Cheyenne greenery!
10/31/2016OH LOOK it's this tard again.
10/27/20163. 50
10/20/2016For invoking the ...
10/18/2016Trump green
10/13/2016Fuck trump, and fuck YOU.

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