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stinky1's Karma

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12/1/2023Good info
1/18/2022Lmao what a bitter loser
11/7/2021You are very disrespectful, so I have put you on my ignore list permanently
8/3/2021Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
3/3/2021Posted a thread that was pinned
11/7/2020God point
1/4/2020Happy New Year, Lance from BC
1/3/2020Thanks for the interesting thread! ~ WyatteSmith
10/31/2017Hi from Ralph--a house dog
4/13/2014Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
11/27/2013For asking the important questions
11/27/2013STFU Richard
11/27/2013Being a Smart ass asking questions you already know the answers to,
9/4/2013Buddy needs some green, Merco
5/25/2013Great guy,from dingleberry
4/21/2013Like your dog photo - ANHEDONIC
3/20/2013Great links
1/5/2013For making me laugh - hahaha! Sloane
10/30/2012Go Fuck Yourself Asshole.
10/29/2012Hey, here, have a nice cup of shit the fuck up you worthless piece of shit.
10/28/2012Cruel and judgemental posts to others. Shit head.
6/25/2012Merci sending buddy karma
6/7/2012Love you. Please call me, I miss you a lot. BTW, you decided to go with the dentures instead of implants right? Your gumjobs are best I've ever had.
5/23/2012Merci was here.
4/15/2012You look like you could use this.
4/1/2012Here ya go~
3/13/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
3/3/2012I like you!!!! LOLOL
2/11/2012Canadian Turd Burgler
2/10/2012Buddy karma! - Tuff~Kooky
2/6/2012I give up with spell checking if it is the end... : ) ...*from CrissCross
1/31/2012Buddy karma :) doodlebug
1/5/2012Thank you for your 'LAD' post. ;-`) It resonated with me. -wnb
12/14/2011Good theory on gold takedown. Hope you're right. -Revbo
11/22/2011Nice greenhouse! -=Mickster=-
11/21/2011Yeah like Im gonna hand a copy of my DL over to the internet

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