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12/17/2021Aunt Flo on an alter, place some blood and trap her. How fun :D
11/15/2021Aussie green, Avatar Green, your name is flo on here...Water green :D Shawski
10/28/2021I like your new avatar
8/18/2021Forward Motion AF Love Gd2balive
7/23/2021I read your long post and it was good
3/29/2021Can you show me the divine? No? Yeah, it's only a myth by goat herders nitwit.
2/28/2021Bless you Aunty in YAHshuaJesus Name
2/8/2021From the buddy christ
1/21/2021Satan loves you.
1/18/2021Obnoxiously condescending and pedantic
1/5/2021Aunty fool
1/4/2021How deep in is Biden's dick up your ass?
12/27/2020Reported Abusive Post
12/10/2020Perceptive posts in Lucifer's thread. Stay in touch... Daozen.
11/9/2020For your interest :-) follow my message- you are chosen...
11/9/2020Angelseverywhere :)
1/3/2015You're a good GLP'er from Last One
1/2/2015Happy new year Aunty - rickster58
1/1/2015Thanks for helping -- stinkbug
1/1/2015Happy New Year Aunty Flo :) Love Angelseverywhere
10/10/2014Hello Aunty ....missed ya :) - rickster58
10/9/2014Be good! :D calx
10/8/2014Hope you stay for a while. Hugs, Sloane
10/8/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
9/18/2014Best wishes!
5/1/2014Kike loving fuck
5/1/2014Talking about history when its clear you are ignorant of the subject. just shut up and learn something instead of spewing an uninformed opinion
4/21/2014Good comment on child support and so true! abi~
4/18/2014Talking with angels: ) New Heart
2/16/2014Oh no! Not you again, just go away.
1/17/2014Thank you Aunty Flo! Paige
9/21/2013Buddy List Karma :) - Too Dark Park
9/16/2013Good to see you Aunty - rickster58
9/13/2013Drive by green #mister_worldwide
8/22/2013Going down the buddy list giving green :) - Too Dark Park
8/10/2013Ha ha
4/22/2013Damn The Retarded Fuckwit is Back... Piss Off You Are Not Wanted Here
4/3/2013THAT is a GREAT question -resistancepress
3/26/2013I wish you the best. please take care. /calx
3/26/2013Peaceful green from azaxo ;P
3/9/2013Good to see you Aunty - rickster58
2/11/2013Grade a herpes
2/6/2013Stay out of our (USA) business
2/4/2013Peace from axo az :P
1/18/2013Voice of reason. pi
1/10/2013Drive by green! #mister_worldwide
12/31/2012Happy new year Mr2
12/30/2012I like apples.
12/28/2012Dumb ass thread with no links
12/18/2012Definitely it's an obvious troll...you go girl! ****Butterfly girl
12/18/2012Nancy Grace creeps me out too!!
12/18/2012Shut the fuck up! you shill. you disgust me
12/14/2012Psychopath thnx. notagain
12/8/2012Better make it good, we like a good ride.
12/5/2012God bless you! - Lisa :)
12/3/2012Aunty karma because I love ya!-Rochelle
12/3/2012Thank you. /calx
12/2/2012Gods law
11/30/2012For being blunt with that 'she' bitch :P, CSberry <3
11/28/2012Again, I love what you're smoking in dem boots :)
11/27/2012<3 om
11/26/2012Like your thinking so some green from the shitters
11/26/2012Reported Abusive Post
11/25/20121 cuz I like your posts > IssueX
11/25/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
11/24/2012Cheer up ! I have had a bad day too ! From Tiger1.
11/24/2012Green cheer for aunty - rickster58
11/23/2012God is in the shadows
11/23/2012Better days ahead! - Lisa :)
11/20/2012Hi Aussie girlie! #Mister_Worldwide
10/31/2012Happy Halloween!! amywood71605
10/31/2012Your reply "crack is wack" was in poor taste.
10/29/2012Some feel better green from tassie.
10/29/2012Cool Aussie! #Mister_Worldwide
10/29/2012Lol! Mine is a Sandy monster too. :) tara
10/27/2012Stop spamming health forums. My cancerous wife wasnt too bored reading it. First neg karma i have given congrads
10/26/2012Aussie finance doom contribution.. Sir Griffo
10/25/2012Fuck You Too !
10/25/2012You know why
10/23/2012Aunty Flo, it's good to be fully ALIVE...Marty en`eng`ko
10/22/2012Need to learn to trust me, Aunty-Chan
10/22/2012A Friend
10/22/2012Wow I was born one day before you same year! --- Munsoned
10/20/2012For being welcoming on my first thread
10/19/2012Just the 1st page....
10/18/2012Duel this, bitch!
10/17/2012Green drive by... :)
10/16/2012For my favorite Aussie chick! --Aggie
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