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Luckystrike's Karma

Total: 23 (23  User Votes)

2/13/20121 (Plus One) good day for you! ~Daikirai
10/20/2011Been a while ey? ;) ~Dai
10/3/2011Same here man. Keep it up! :)
9/30/2011Capt. Jean Luc Picard
9/29/2011Mcdonalds Karma NUTRAMAC
9/29/2011Best *bump*ever !
9/28/2011Laughed my arse off at your Cosby/dope pic. .13
9/27/2011Karma for you Lucky.... stay thirsty my friend
9/22/2011Interesting smilie! half-ass
9/22/2011Cute Baby! Bring It! Love It!
9/21/2011Great sense of humor
9/20/2011Everyone needs to believe in something...I believe I'll have another beer. Make it a Bass, and I'll join you(~)
9/20/2011Great GLP'er! 2342
9/14/2011According to my chars. You're funny!
9/7/2011Karma for you ... because your Lucky
9/7/2011Doom card...lol
9/4/2011You snore too fucking loud. THAT IS ALL THE RAMEN CHICKEN TUNA SANDWICH PI NIGGA HAS TO SAY. A cos =/ i equality what? The other universe where the place. How are to be is can not like the woman? ROFL
8/25/2011Everyone needs to believe in something...I believe I'll have another beer.
8/19/2011For not running me off the road
8/19/2011Restraint even when ticked off is worth double Karma but I can only give one.
8/13/2011Good man
8/13/2011Gives good positive arguments

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