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9/5/2012Your interpretation is the correct one~* Thank you for sharing your Divine vision! LoveLightEnergy~*** ctruth333
9/5/2012Just bea-cause :)
9/5/2012Excellent post -- Super Bowl Dave
9/5/2012Hi from Earth420 :)
9/5/2012Madonna's Love
9/4/2012Serve God - Borian..
9/4/2012Aloha = seer
9/2/2012Always loving your posts and optimism :) ~beth
9/1/2012Zoom, Zoom, Zoom! .. 11:11..
9/1/2012Green for a nice thought....indiandave​
9/1/2012Alma bella y amorosa <3<3<3
8/30/2012Yes indeed music bridges the divide - Sloane
8/29/2012For your posts ! From Tiger1.
8/28/2012Happiness to you Princess === Knight of the Great Heart
8/24/2012When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace. Much love from ..11:11..
8/23/2012Terca, no escucha razon, ella siempre esta correcta. eres de lo peor, un ser VIL y falso
8/23/2012Rock on in the name and spirit of Jesus Christ -strategicdiscernment​
8/23/2012I like your threads, teacup.
8/22/2012"Lights in the world...arent for sale and cant be bought" Love it!! ctruth333
8/22/2012So true
8/22/2012PREPARE as we usher in the kingdom of GOD....right into your bibletard ass...fucktwat It IS the will of GOD.
8/22/2012Thank you for saying what I've been thinking about being a 'real rebel'
8/22/2012Just loving my neighbor! :)
8/22/2012You're wonderful--Bless you: Eazy D
8/22/2012Thanks for your witness sister.
8/22/2012Wonderful post!
8/22/2012Agree! Grea thread- Sleeping Giant
8/20/2012Hugs for you My Princess === Quasar
8/20/2012I have enjoyed your threads :) ~ Beso
8/19/2012Love is the secret to life - Crusador of Yah
8/19/2012Replacing the bad with good, as best I can...
8/16/2012Respect 2U - schiehallion
8/15/2012My heart swells with love when I see your posts - KindaDistorted
8/13/2012Half Past Midnight
8/13/2012Just for being the beautiful soul you are! ATONTRUTH
8/12/2012Hugs to my dearest friend the Princess === Quasar
8/11/2012And by the way, she is real- and she is spectacular!! <3<3<3
8/8/2012You are fake.
8/8/2012God told me to leave him be and stop posting stupid religious threads.
8/5/2012First grade judgmental biotch you always think youre perfect and wont shut up about it how is that for narcisism?
8/4/2012The most beautiful woman
8/3/2012To my favorite Princess of the Doves===Quasar
8/3/2012Karma Love.... TW!
8/3/2012Thanks for your suggestion of a pin. I've been to Spain and loved it!
8/1/2012Aloha- seer
7/30/2012What a wonderful Child of God you are. Pray for me- Garry
7/27/2012Honey is so sweet===Quasar
7/27/2012Ok, here ya go....Prasie the lord..bibletard
7/26/2012Love You!!! (TW)
7/26/2012Hello! Earth420 :)
7/23/2012Great posts on cropcircle music...thanks for sharing..my2centswort​h
7/22/2012Thank You...for everything<3<3<3
7/20/2012Your threads are becomming more and more trollish. too bad
7/20/2012EleKtroN was here :)
7/20/2012I wish to explore you more: have you read the Celestine Prophecy?
7/19/2012Hugs for my Sweet Princess...
7/19/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
7/19/2012I feel the same way.
7/19/2012From Apollo. I hear ya, Feel the same way..
7/19/2012Love and Hope In the midst of Misery Cheer up Sister Frater
7/19/2012I Love you very much sweethart
7/18/2012Green karma for my fellow Christian :P //Vinyard
7/18/2012Marcion--what I've concluded also.>>Muzzle
7/18/2012Because you are living proof to show how easy it is to be wonderful - Démodé
7/17/2012God Bless You ! From Tiger1.
7/14/2012You are my sunshine!!! Much love to you, Strangela
7/12/2012I miss you Princess of the Doves...
7/11/2012Green Karma b/c you have a heart of gold! (TW)
7/11/2012You seem like a lovely person :) -JH
7/10/2012Cause you´re neat
7/10/2012Awesome stuff!
7/9/2012PREPARE as we usher in the kingdom of GOD....right into your bibletard ass...fucktwat
7/9/2012For being a blessing! Many blessings to you! Junie
7/8/2012I love you sister.
7/8/2012You're beautiful!~Luna
7/7/2012A most beautiful soul..an ageless soul...full of LOVE..Look'n
7/7/2012<3<3<3 With Much Love to You <3<3<3
7/7/2012Attenion seeker
7/7/2012<3 <3 <3 from me---->e1
7/7/2012Interesting dream!
7/7/2012Religious fanatic
7/7/2012I like your angels thread, very interesting > the portal
7/6/2012God Bless You ! From Tiger1.
7/6/2012Green love= seer
7/5/2012Thanks for spreading the word of love by example, friend
7/4/2012Beautifull Post Frater
7/4/2012Green Karma 4 Your Dream.... God Bless You!!! (TW)
7/3/2012Hugs to you my Princess===Quasar
6/30/2012Usted es dulce - Psych
6/30/2012Another amazing thread
6/27/2012For just being you ...and online when i was Hah! DanieloftheRose
6/27/2012Great that you like EITS!
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