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Daisdaway's Karma

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10/13/2011Asswipe WTH, but nooo, you are.
9/24/2011For giving karma to an uneducated troll. Makes sense coming from another uneducated person such as yourself!
9/14/2011Yea, I agree with you on that, but theres more to it than what you see
9/13/2011Let me be the first to say - YOU SUCK !!!!
9/7/2011Love the spock pic :D
8/29/2011Thanks for the warm welcome.
8/21/2011Fubar thinks craze is nice too!
8/21/2011Greetings from Gregory House
8/21/2011Good karma from EvilMoney PEACE!!
8/21/2011Gotcha too...dettro99
8/21/2011Gotcha back :)
8/21/2011Thanks love <3 Trix
8/21/2011Howdy for a trade
8/20/2011Here u go -ttowngirl
8/14/2011For support in a sad thread
8/14/2011Heart felt reply- nice.
8/13/2011Craze is saying exactly what I was thinking.. 6 kids? If you can't feed em, why are you haven em?
8/13/2011I agree with her
8/13/2011Bad ass video
8/13/2011Important info on this post!
8/13/2011Alien Invasion Thread is win and educational!
8/12/2011Sir Mix Alot never gets old!
8/12/2011For the thank you on growing food
8/12/2011She is also nice

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