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Southern OR's Karma

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3/25/2020Hang in there, it willl get better. Billy Ringo
3/23/2020Sorry to hear about your daughter and fiance's jobs xoxo sseess
3/14/2020Thanks for stopping by rain fizzling out AGAIN! come back come back rain xoxo sseess
3/9/2020It's been a long time! 8) Nine's
3/8/2020From an old friend :)
2/27/2020Rain dance green xoxo sseess
1/2/2020Have a great new year ar15-nut
10/17/2019Hope you are enjoying the rain, I am! xoxo sseess
6/23/2019Haven't seen you around in forever. Hope you are happy and well. Nine's!
12/15/2018Sanity in Oregon
11/17/2018Rain! ~~sseess
10/5/2018Ar15-nut was here:)
7/27/2018Stay safe out that way! Nine's
3/19/2018From a fellow southern Oregonian. ~sikhed
12/31/2017Happy New Year from sseess
12/23/2017Christmas Green from sseess
12/2/2017Hope you're staying dry ~~sseess :)
11/29/2017Nice to see you posting.ar15-nut
11/29/2017Steve Herman is solid! ~ Hotmess
11/15/2017Happy rainy Wednesday ~~sseess
10/21/2017Saturday night green from rainy Oregon
10/4/2017Green from Gold Beach ~~sseess
8/24/2017Hello my friend! So good to hear from you! Nine's
7/13/2017Green for you .. CP ;)
10/13/2016Green from your neighbor to the north! :) SeaLass34
4/13/2016Bugs thread got bumped miss you! ar15-nut
2/13/2016Relativity : )
12/19/2015Such a thoughtful and nice post. Hugs to you, SO. 8)
1/29/2015Good To See You Too! - Guam
1/14/2015Long Time No Read! - Guam, USA
12/31/2014Happy New Year wishes to you! KoFFee_
12/6/2014Howdy, Southern OR! Great to see you again.-Sol Reflector
11/13/2014Hello from ~T~ (Tauranga) hope you are well xx
9/20/2014Hey soorg ar15-nut
8/31/2014The North is green!!! -Relativity
8/18/2014MUCH LOVE <3 Corizon
8/10/2014Green from the north...-Relativity
7/28/2014Hello old friend!!! Rockhuff
7/11/2014Hiya RT :)
7/4/2014Green from Eugene!!!! rockhuff
6/26/2014Can't wait to here all the baby stories!! He's wonderful, isn't he!?! TB
5/19/2014Made me sick too, SO. Hard to not cry. Thank you for your comments.
5/10/2014For the link... cp
5/10/2014RIP waterbug
4/24/2014Green for U~Bambi2U
4/13/2014We musta bin soul-mates in another life, SO. Luv ya-Peace & Blessings!-hugh m eye
4/5/2014Sorry. I hurt for you. A good neighbor and friend is a horrible thing to lose.
4/2/2014Hey So OR. Do you remember me? Bambi? Im back Bambi2U
3/27/2014Karma time AR15-NUT
2/7/2014The State of Jefferson...4H
2/6/2014I agree we need the snow
1/13/2014Best wishes for 2014 and love from ~T~ xxx
1/12/2014Some green....old guard
1/7/2014Keep Oregon Green....-Relativity
12/12/2013Lots of love from ~T~ xxx
12/4/2013Green for a lovely person, from ~T~ xxx
11/27/2013Green hug from ~T~
11/21/2013Great job. You should be so very proud.
11/20/2013Big green hug to a sister, from ~T~ xxx
11/12/2013Big hugs from ~T~ love you heaps xxx
11/5/2013It'll be ok. Just keep loving her. TB
10/31/2013Love southern or used to live up there - ap girl !
10/29/2013Oregon is GREEN -Relativity
10/25/2013Silly test. I live in AZ. LOL. SkinnyChic
10/24/2013Oregon....some day...jw2305
10/13/2013There you are long time no see ar15-nut
10/3/2013Green aurora karma....Peace & Blessings.-hugh m eye
9/21/2013For being a caring friend.
9/15/2013It's not a crockpot...oh well!! TB
9/12/2013Good to see you ar15-nut
8/31/2013I am catching up on karma giving, I had forgotton about it. Flav
8/26/2013Thinking of you and hoping you're ok.
7/22/2013Thanks so much! ...nutmeg...
7/15/2013For YOUR friendship. 9)
7/9/2013Thanks for the smile! I needed it today. TB
6/25/2013Have fun! TB
6/24/2013YES for you and hubby time. Enjoy. PS don't go home to teen age girls. Run!!
6/15/2013From PallasAthene :)
6/10/2013Too lazy to type! TB
6/5/2013Love from Eazy D
5/28/2013Good on you for helping!
5/25/2013Karma drive by ar15-nut .nice to see you again
5/23/2013For a good reply
5/16/2013M m hugs
5/15/2013Thanks for the awesome weather you sent me! 8)
5/15/2013Hi from Earth420 :)
5/9/2013M m
5/7/2013You make the switch? Miss ya :)
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