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The Incarnation's Karma

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4/8/2021Wow, excellent interpretation!
11/9/2020Please contribute further references from scriptures, if helpful :-)
1/3/2019Another antichrist
12/2/2018Hey There You! ~ <3Yesterday ~ TODAY ~ Tomorrow
8/21/2018Bob. love Miss Cleo
8/13/2018Good post on Yahweh Thread ~
8/2/2018Thanks for the plug
7/30/2018Stated hate towards christians
7/29/2018Wall of text
7/28/2018Thnx for sharing your thoughts in mark of the beast thread - Patriotic Black dude
7/27/2018Dumbass roleplaying Jesus. And shilling your website.
7/27/2018Lost, blind fool. get ready to get roasted
7/22/2018Im new 2
4/10/2012Get a grip
3/17/2012No compassion
2/19/2012For truth! Love is the key!!
2/12/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
2/11/2012For truth the white rose
12/11/2011I like your posting on the messengers of God thread - Lotus Flower
11/25/2011Good comment.
11/9/2011For being arrogant, obnoxious, wise, and FUNNY!
11/6/2011"Religion been one of the most destructive weapons in this Age of the Rule of Man." in5d
10/29/2011Remove the moat from your own eye ...
10/26/2011Well thought out post
10/23/2011Good post in the Re: what is with all the bible and jesus crap on here Thread > Peace be with You(~)
10/19/2011Arrogance and judgement are sins of ego that should be dispersed, Your spirit is lost in this incarnation, bless your soul on ascension. C
10/14/2011For you're veiw on the Earth being Hell thanks for the info you provided
10/10/2011Third eye post. ZP
10/5/2011Exactly. Mother Theresa was a monster, not a saint! ~ Sandi
8/13/2011The Truth is simple, you're not (!) Peace

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