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4/2/2019White Wolf was here!
4/2/2019For Knowing Who Demons May Attack. - Louis in Richmond
4/2/2019Posted a thread that was pinned
3/29/2019For the ET message thread. KAN DAEK
3/28/2019Lovr your threads, Cheers:)…CUB
3/25/2019Greenest kindness wrapped in Love Ursabruin
3/25/2019Sending people to hell. Evil person 100%
3/25/2019Posted a thread that was pinned
3/24/2019Love thread ~ LittleMissDictator :D
3/24/2019Peace, love and goodness is all we need
3/24/2019You ET thread :-).. have a blessed week ahead! ~Blue Spirit~
3/24/2019Extraterrestrials are a lie fed to you by very evil people. You believe the lie because the lie won't believe itself.
3/24/2019Have a good week! ~ ItsMaKa2
3/23/2019Green for you! White Wolf:)
3/23/2019Posted a thread that was pinned
3/23/2019Truth seeker
3/23/2019Christianity is full of lies
3/18/2019Hooray poland
3/18/2019Love your reincarnation/karma threads :hf:
3/17/2019Green for your Irish holiday thread. Have an awesome week. NolaAngel
3/17/2019Posted a thread that was pinned
3/16/2019Thank you for the music my friend! White Wolf
3/15/2019Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
3/15/2019Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
3/15/2019Sie ma kolego ~ pozdrowionaka od exlibris
3/15/2019Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
3/15/2019You post a lot of stupid bullshit. This is not Fuckbook, fag!
3/14/2019Movie scenes! chasity
3/13/2019Great Trance thread zKnight. fraust66
3/12/2019Greenest kindness wrapped in Love Ursabruin
3/11/2019Good Buddah thread..-Relativity
3/8/2019Have a nice weekend! White Wolf:)
3/4/2019For a non political thread. -Zorro
3/3/2019From reepster
3/2/2019Yo Adrian
3/2/2019Let people believe what they want; to demand people believe as you is fascist behavior.
3/1/2019Pearls before swine. you are dead right but you cannot help the brainwashed bible thumpers, don't try
3/1/2019Faggot new ager
3/1/2019White Wolf was here!
2/28/2019Green For You! ~ ItsMaKa2
2/27/2019Jewish Industry is Machine God that Kills You and Likes It. This is the truth.
2/27/2019Buddhism provides answers to difficult questions
2/27/2019Buddist thread ~ Starbird
2/26/2019Violated Posting Rules (Copyright Violation)
2/26/2019From keybored
2/25/2019Reported Abusive Post
2/24/2019Cosmic Karma
2/24/2019Posted a thread that was pinned
2/24/2019Blessings! - Rev Woo-Woo
2/24/2019Nice thread----Terrebonne
2/24/2019Excellent threads on reincarnation! With Love~ Triteia
2/23/2019New age crap will rot your mind. Only retards pseudo intellectuals believe that nonsense. Once you find true enlightenment you'll understand.
2/23/2019Welcoming green. LittleMe
2/23/2019You need to find God
2/23/2019Incredible 9/11 Past Lives Stories ~Vasily
2/22/2019Such things are the loudest in the Universe ~ A R K
2/22/2019Posted a thread that was pinned
2/18/2019Enjoy (outofspace)
2/18/2019Kek the winged hussar green for being true patriot !
2/16/2019Weekend buddy green! White Wolf :)
2/6/2019Cool Japan thread. Starbird
2/6/2019Posted a thread that was pinned
2/6/2019Great thread
1/29/2019Good thread
1/27/2019Have a great day! White Wolf :)
1/26/2019I like your UFO footage thread :-) ~Blue Spirit~
1/23/2019For working to free people from the collective consciousness ~ Spiritual Punk
1/23/2019You have good karma - OceanMan.
1/22/2019For 'The truth about our spirituality' .. rewind
1/22/2019Great thread, thanks! Be well and strong in body and spirit ~ Jaena
1/21/2019Good karma for ya
1/21/2019Good post. - ET SF
1/21/2019The voice of reason
1/21/2019Thought provoking Thread. Thanks for sharing!
1/21/2019You're prepping people to believe the lie that demonic entities are "aliens" . Shut the fuck up.
1/21/2019For the truth of UFO's - Louis in Richmond
1/20/2019Hell, for people, is nothing more than a psychic vacume absent of God. Hell for angels or agents of Satan is the classic pit of pain. Which Hell are you going to, obtuse ass?
1/20/2019I like post
1/20/2019For your intelligent thoughts on the Travis Walton case.
1/20/2019For insight ~Sir John~
1/20/2019Reincarnation is still a lie....regardless of how many threads you make on the subject
1/20/2019The ones in heaven are rooting for us to overcome.
1/19/2019Aliens are not your friend. they would have been here helping long ago.
1/19/2019Polocks Gonna Polock
1/19/2019Ufo -my balls
1/15/2019Polish animation and link! Cool!
1/15/2019Thanks for sharing. i so want to believe and this story gets me closer.
1/12/2019For helping to open minds. ~ Zovalex
1/12/2019You got some proof for all those bold assertions ? Nope.
1/7/2019News -SallyNight
1/7/2019Poor kitties! Have great week, savcash
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