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AmericanInfidel's Karma

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5/20/2020We must look upon darkness to bring it onto the light
4/9/2015Brainwashed commie - wake the fuck up
2/15/2015You stupid pro vaxxer shill goat blower faggot
1/7/2015Thanks for telling it like it is! It was an awful accident. I lost life long friends in that plane crash. -Southern Lighthouse
7/15/2014Good nfl post - starfighter
6/26/2014STFU faggot
4/13/2014For stating the truth that bundy should keep his cows on his own land -- this whole thing is unsound
4/12/2014Maybe you will keep your posts over at the FED forum?
2/3/2014Rod Roddy said to give you this
1/10/2014Love That Name
12/1/2013What a prick you are buddy! if u dont like glp get the hell off of it.
11/4/2013Because he is a cunt
11/4/2013You are a sick despicable person! pathetic excuse for a human! total waste of space!
8/27/2013Growing up does not equal being a cheap whore, you decadent turd.
8/16/2013Looks like you deserve all that red
8/8/2013Davenport Iowa Police Punch and Beat Woman in her Head and Face (GRAPHIC) - 1 Year old Daughter in the Room - Police Brutality
7/29/2013You seem to have crusted globules of semen on your chin.
7/11/2013My rescued companions saved me and tought me love, life and spirituality. Kudos
7/11/2013I support the bird journey
7/11/2013You're in the red. plus I like infidels- nighthawks
6/30/2013I don't care what the others say. I love you and I want you inside me.
6/26/2013Here's some Southern Fried Negative Karma for you! Paula D
6/23/2013Mushrooms are guuud - FooledMeOnce
6/6/20134 being the voice of reason
5/19/2013NAZI Here is some red for you! just like the blood you spilled
5/18/2013Muslim trash
5/18/2013You're either unredeemably stupid or shilling.
5/18/2013Fuck off faggot
4/18/2013Herr d hur
4/17/2013Heres some red for you!
3/23/2013I like the post
2/28/2013Tayto :-)
12/30/2012Should've called yourself americanretard
12/16/2012Leading others to lostness
12/16/2012I missed one.
12/15/2012Why are you on a Fringe site when you think the people are effed in the head? Just go away, you are not welcome.
12/9/2012Bigfoot did it... Sir Griffo
12/6/2012Govie shill
11/28/2012For a fellow bull-breed lover
11/14/2012Cool Avatar....MultiStrada​
11/4/2012So was i
11/3/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
10/22/2012What a FAG
9/2/2012Just for being from the catskills
8/20/2012Back at ya..5 star bandit
8/12/2012Exactly what I was about to write
7/23/2012American infidel this. 8====D
7/15/2012I like your comments about eating your mistresses poop.
7/11/20121 these people aren't American if they can't agree that illegals need to be found out
7/11/2012From an uncircumcized footballl obsessed drunk
7/5/2012Mr poop a doop
6/22/2012Little fuckers deserve buckets of piss on all their shit
6/7/2012Stupid ask me a question
4/28/2012Fuck face
4/20/2012Smart reply about 4/20 being nothing worth celebraiting. -ShabbyOrange
4/19/2012Please read the Constitution before you embarrass yourself further.
4/19/2012Because you're a fucking retard. Americans have rights.
4/19/2012Brief :)
4/19/2012I cannot believe you actually believe Afghanistan had ANYTHING to do with 9/11. You're a sad little brainwashed troll.
4/18/2012Hey American infedel, green for your comments on a-10 thread....saved
4/15/2012True statement
4/13/2012WHAT did you say???? Exposing this shit isn't WRONG! GET IT!!
4/13/2012H8r of free speech
4/13/2012Defending HBO's pedophilia
4/13/2012Its not wrong to expose criminal pedophilia sir. -1
4/13/2012Really? -_-
4/4/2012Destroy all that is evil, so what is good may flourish. > Sounds good to me(~) < tSJ
3/30/2012Good luck to you, too! ~Tandym
3/16/2012Your face is racist
3/14/2012Suck it, Jackass.
3/14/2012You are sick.
3/14/2012Brief :)
3/11/2012Road House
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