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4/23/2022Love the visual patterns in your videos. They remind me of the images I see when rubbing my eyes.pool
4/13/2022'Too Dark Park's Too Dark Metal' green, st tidbits
4/8/2022Clutch video. sseess
4/7/2022Jukebox green :D T-man
4/7/2022Green smiles from Diesel
4/1/2022Side step
3/23/2022Some Hump day greenade and Cheers....CUB;)
3/21/2022"We must be free not because we claim freedom, but because we practice it." - William Faulkner (Happy in Nature)
3/20/2022Mirror. Truth B Known
3/20/2022Happy sunday morning green from T-man :)
3/19/2022Green for an old friend, latvia
3/15/2022For the birds :) Boots
2/15/2022For the love of music...Toprance1
2/8/2022Green from darkness
2/7/2022Jukebox green :D T-man
2/5/2022Old friend :) Boots
1/28/2022Happy Friday aether! h&b
1/23/2022Happy Sunday aether :) Sloane
1/22/2022Jb Green C)=-)~ [**]d Cheers -dv
1/20/2022"Those who dance are considered insane by those who cannot hear the music." - George Carlin (Greenest jungle vibes from Happy in Nature)
1/12/2022Nice tunes in the JB green. Soup
1/12/2022Asia Times article - than you for posting it. I'm going to become a regualr reader. ~thinking...
1/5/2022And how does a bot have an 'attitude'?
1/3/2022Jukebox green for the New Year! xo sseess
12/23/2021Ya got it :)_```````` Boots
12/21/2021Merry Christmas aether, Sloane
12/15/2021Glad you share with us, have a nice day, latvia
11/30/2021Miss you
11/30/2021Thank you for your kindness
11/23/2021Always good to see you! JB green :) h&b
11/19/2021Thank You for Your input and kindness <3 Love Fringe
11/9/2021Green from darkness
10/30/2021The suns gone down isn’t it time for you to come out of your coffin :3
10/23/2021Always nice to hear ya mate -Shawski
10/19/2021Tic tic tic…cheers! A Deplorable Neanderthal
10/13/2021T-man was here :D
10/11/2021Jukebox GREEN [**]D CHEERS -DV
10/6/2021JB Green! h&b
9/30/2021T-man was here :D
9/30/2021Sharing love. pool
9/27/2021Sweet dreams pumpkin butt
9/24/2021JB green :) h&b
9/23/2021Silent Child -Shawski
9/5/2021Thank you for the birthday wishes! Love Ellusion :)
8/30/2021JukeBox GREEN for aether [**]D CHEERS -DV
8/17/2021TDP metal thread --nimmerfall
8/16/2021Thanks for the great JB Post! JB grin! Peace~Smeagol
8/16/2021To: aether; From: B.
8/16/2021JukeBox GREEN for aether [**]D CHEERS -DV
8/13/2021Green for you! h&b
8/8/2021Green xoxo from antitech
7/25/2021Happy birthday
7/24/2021Jukebox greenz for a Angel...Have a great weekend. CUBz :)
7/14/2021Nassim Haramein video -Mongo <3
7/6/2021Metal green...Lance from BC
7/2/2021Have a nice day aether, latvia
6/24/2021Cool name
6/23/2021Thanks for sharing the tunes tonite! xoxo db
6/22/2021Jukebox greenings! NOFAKE
6/19/2021T-man was here <3
6/19/2021Jukebox green from a fellow Brit...Swearbox :-)
6/17/2021Divine Colors thread and Jukebox contributions -Mongo
6/8/2021JB Grin
6/6/2021Keeping the thread alive - TDP \m/
6/5/2021Metal green, Lance from BC
6/5/2021Always nice tunes. Soup
6/3/2021Jukebox gang!! T-man was here :)
5/21/2021Green :) lots of great things over the years . Nice boots Billy
5/21/2021JB green from T-man :)
5/10/2021Jukebox green :) <3 T-man
5/10/2021JukeBox GREEN from the communist pond [**]D CH33RS -DV
5/2/2021Thank you for your threads Foresting
5/1/2021T-man was here <3
4/29/2021555 New Heart
4/27/2021Good day aether, latvia
4/17/2021Bump :) Boots
4/17/2021Green blessings - grove street
4/15/2021Always with nice tunes. Soup
4/5/2021Way up :) Boots
4/2/2021Jukebox green and have a happy Easter Weekend...CUBz :)
3/31/2021Thank you for giving me new music! Love it! Peace~Lou Czar
3/28/2021Legend green, latvia
3/26/2021Hi aether! Love the Nassim video, Isis One
3/23/2021JB LOOOVVVEEEE Peace~LouCzar
3/16/2021Hey there! Some JB green. Soup
3/16/2021Jukebox love from T-man :D
3/7/2021Always enjoy listening to your music, always new to me. Lou Czar wuz heer
2/27/2021Have a nice day friend, latvia
2/27/2021Some green for Rory. Soup
2/25/2021Lou Czar wuz heere
1/24/2021Karma roll from bushy
1/9/2021Some rory green ! Soup
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