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Kentucky Fried Genocide's Karma

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3/12/2012For Flash
1/5/2012Bibles and guns, great post buddy-The Decider
12/21/2011Thanks bro, Ballin on welfare
11/30/2011Shaggy Dog, you got a copy on this lil Mobile??? -Dilke
11/26/2011Brown noser
11/26/2011For sucking up to Trinity!
11/18/2011Thank you for the bump :-)
11/10/20111 CB/HAM radios -dilke
11/8/2011I was gonna say avirils been face fucked a few times
11/5/2011Just cause :)
10/28/2011To get you back to even, cool CB. Cpl. Tunnel
9/30/2011Faggatory isnt nasty.
9/17/2011Be well my friend , Irish
9/14/2011Actually, no
9/14/2011Lol retarded people and retarded subject ! I have to agree 100%-Danose

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