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CaptainSensible's Karma

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12/21/2015You must be Canadian then.
11/25/2012For your atheist comment > X
7/2/2012Homophobic idiot.
3/22/2012Hatred of whites -1
10/13/2011Extremely Creative Post About Obama Not Bowing to Khameini. GLP Markets Analyst Salutes You!
10/13/2011Cause you needed it. TG4T :)
10/13/2011For calling RP a troll
10/13/2011Thanx for the support****Butterfly girl
10/13/2011Go suck Jarheads cock if you haven't already.
10/12/2011Dumb as fuckstick jarhead
10/12/2011Complete loser. When out of reason (which happens often) Calls people RACISTS. Not the smartest on the web for sure.
10/12/2011Quit spamming all the cain threads with your racist comments, shilltard!
10/12/2011Fuck off you Nazi scum piece of shit
10/12/2011Cain saving the uSA
10/2/2011There is a troll under the bridge
10/1/2011You fucking moran...get a brian....shilltards like you suffer from a mental illness.
9/30/2011Looked like you needed a point. -- Borian
9/30/2011Great answer, Gaia
9/29/2011For your kind words (inquiring mind)
9/29/2011One word "Liberal"
9/29/2011Do everyone a favor including your kids....KILL YOURSELF!! lol fucking idiot!!
9/27/2011Brainwashed retard still believes in Bush and 9/11
9/27/2011For the glory of our Lord Jesus!
9/24/2011Shut up douchebag
9/21/2011Smart guy : )
9/21/2011Absolutely CRACKIN' reply to Ilikecandy in the "Are You Racist?" thread on page 10.
9/20/2011Ha ha ha
9/20/2011My God...it's full of bullshit! LOLOL! Love, acadian
9/20/2011Reasonable answer to thread topic
9/20/2011CaptainSTUPID more like it.
9/19/2011Captain Stupid
9/18/2011Sensible! - STT
9/17/2011Judgemental / jumps to conclusion without consideration
9/17/2011For standing up for your faith. God bless!
9/16/2011I agree
9/16/2011Prick, suggesting peado's are all muslims. from Pabs.
9/15/2011Sensible +1 TG4T
9/14/2011Calm down everyone, its only the Seven Trumpets of Revelation. Nothing to see here, move along. Muha ha ha hah ha! - Inquiring Mind
9/14/2011Your brain is a hologram
9/14/2011I_AM_AN_ILLITERATE_RA​​CISThatin idiot back at ya!
9/14/2011Unalbe to formulate a construtive arguement without resorting to cursing and the use of derogetory comments.
9/14/2011Telling it like it is-assbeef
9/13/2011For keaping an open mind. and ill do the same
9/5/2011"A physicist is just an atom's way of looking at itself." - Niels Bohr
9/4/2011Sarah Palin!
9/3/2011You are an idiot.
8/24/2011A polite and witty way to disagree with another poster
8/23/2011Interesting theory!

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